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Akron Public Utilities Bill

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Akron Public Utilities Bill

Akron Public Utilities provides the: water, sewer, trash, and recycling services to people in Akron, Ohio and surrounding areas. If you are a customer in need of assistance with getting your bill paid on time, here is a look at the options you may have.

How To Pay The Bill

Akron Public Utilities provides multiple bill payment options to help customers.

There is a automatic withdrawal program which allows customers to pay their bill automatically from either a checking or savings account.

Customers can make an Akron Utility online payment by visiting: http://h2o.ci.akron.oh.us/ any time day or night. Online payments can be made using a credit or debit card or with a check-by-phone.

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows you to make your payment by phone any time day or night. You can pay by using a credit or debit card, or with a check-by-phone. Make your payment with this system by calling:

To send your payment via the U.S. Mail, send a check or money order to:

Akron Public Utilities Bureau
PO Box 3674
Akron, Ohio 44309

For in person payments made after the close of business, a drop box is available for payments only. You can find it to the left of the High Street doors.

For in person payments during business hours, visit our office at 146 South High Street 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Payments accepted include: cash, check, money order, credit, or debit card.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The Akron Public Utilities Rules and Regulations list late payment fees and other service charges. Customers can contact a service representative for more information on specific fees at 1-330-375-2554.

How The Penalty Fees Work

  • Returned payment fee: $25 per returned payment

I Can’t Make A Payment

Akron Public Utilities does not send a delinquent notice for the account until it is 60 days past due. This gives you a decent amount of time to attempt to make the payment, but you should still call customer service at:. The ‚Äútypical” payment extension is 10 business days, but before granting an extension previous payment history is considered. In other words, if the difficulty is frequent, you may not get one. Extensions may also be processed online through your account. If you are a renter, some landlords may have a no extensions policy on the account. Contact customer service to learn more about how this works and what you can do about it.

If you or someone in the home has a medical condition that is considered life threatening, you may be eligible to receive a medical certificate which will postpone the bill payment by 30 days, but it must be filled out with the name of the person needing assistance, signed by the homeowner, and a medical professional. This can only be done once per year.

Payment arrangements: Payment arrangements are available, but only to customer who owe more than $60 or twice the average monthly bill. Most payment arrangements allow three months to pay off the past due balance, but customer service may lift this fee in some cases.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

Akron Public Utilities will work with you to an extent. Are you a customer with experience? Share it below to help our readers.

7 Comments on “Akron Public Utilities Bill
  1. Why is it so hard to get assistance on the Customer Service Line for questions when calling? The hold times are always longer than what the automated message states. This is a business so maybe hiring more experienced reps to assist will help eliminate long hold times and may minimize the amount of angry customers you talk with who been on long hold too long. Also maybe that would resolve their issues as well if they were being assisted at a faster response time. Update the queque calling there do something your customer line has terrible results for the Akron Public Utilities Consumers.

  2. I am disabled and on a fixed income. My water bill is 5 to 6 times its normal rate. From $25 to $35 to $100 to $150 a month.
    Why is this allowed to happen. Do I go without food? I live alone and only use $10-$15 in water use. What do you do if you can’t pay?

  3. Its a shame the average homeowner may only be behind two (2) montha and owe $100.00 but major firms in the area can be years behind in their bills wnd owe 10’s of thousands of dollars in back payments and they still have service. Maybe customers should complain when the city asks for grants to help these businesses to expand and use still more public services and get further behind on their payments.

  4. I can not get signed on to your site I had it set up before perfectly but you changed it and now it wont even display to sign on with my account this is frustrating.

  5. Worthless telephone system. Charging an arn and a leg for water and I can’t talk to someone? Automated system claims all reps are busy and continuously cycles the call to the beginning of the automated system. The sad thing is, our government officials and city workers likely do not care. It’s just thier job.

  6. According to the records I’ve paid 1800+ in the last year and my usage is 1600 yet i owe 400 and am being threatened to be shut off. I even owe for the months when it was shut off

  7. I too am a disabled person, with loss of income, the county continually trying to harass to remove disability benefits, and the loss of property rights, and now they have promised to shut off my water, for abuse that a tenant created. failing to uphold any laws codified in this city to protect, “Tax payers” I am hurt, no, angered by the disregard for any rights I might have observed. If this creates harm to me, I will sue this city for every penny it may have left.

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