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Ambit Energy Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Ambit Energy Bill

Ambit Energy is a retail electric company serving deregulated states. Some states regulate electric production and supply and others allow retail companies to compete, which lowers prices and gives consumers the upper hand. Despite the competition, energy bills will still fluctuate with seasons and Ambit Energy customers may find they are holding onto a bill they simply cannot afford to pay. Ambit Energy customer service will work with customers to help reduce the impact of high energy bills.

How to Pay the Bill

Ambit Energy currently operates in Texas, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Payment options may vary by location.

Pay online: You can pay your Ambit Energy bill online at At the top of the page is the “Pay My Bill” button. Simply click that button and a drop down menu will appear. You must have your account number (starts with an A) and your billing zip code to log in. You can also sign in to pay your energy Ambit Energy bill using QuickPay.

Pay by mail: Ambit Energy customers can mail a personal check or money order to:

Ambit Energy
PO Box 660462
Plano, TX 75266-0462

Pay by phone: Customer service can be reached at 1-877-282-6248 to make a payment. There is a $5 processing fee if the customer service agent must answer the call to assist with payment.

Pay by credit card: Credit cards can be processed using the customer service number. The automated payment system will charge a $2.50 for a credit card payment.

Pay Your Ambit Bill With Billfloat:, a lending company owned by Paypal, will advance you the money to pay your Ambit bill, with a 30-day window to return the loan interest-free.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Energy companies tend to provide detailed information about the fees assessed to customers on a monthly basis, such as late payment charges, connections fees and payment plan fees. Although the information is readily available, you may not understand all of the fine details. In the event you require an explanation, you should visit the Ambit Energy Customer Resource page. Since Ambit Energy services multiple states, you may want to contact customer service at 1-877-282-6248 for state specific fees and charges.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Ambit Energy is a retail business and, as such, they tend to charge higher and more frequent fees.

  • Late payment fee: 5% of the past due amount charged monthly if there is a rolling past due balance.
  • Disconnect charge: $15 at the time service is disconnected.
  • Reconnect (normal hours): $50 per instance.
  • Reconnect (after hours): $100 per instance.
  • Payment plan fee: $20 at the time a payment plan is started.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Ambit Energy offers two important plans for customers unable to make payment by the due date. If you enter into a payment arrangement with Ambit Energy, you will be charged a $20 fee.

  • Extended due date: Customers can extend the due date of the Ambit Energy bill, but the full balance must be paid before the next bill is issued. This option is ideal for customers waiting on an income check that is delayed or customers on a fixed income.
  • Deferred payments: The deferred payment plan allows an Ambit Energy customer to make payments to reduce the past due balance over time. Current charges must be paid before the due date in addition to deferred payments.

Your local Department of Human Services has applications for the LIHEAP Home Energy Assistance Program. LIHEAP supports customers who meet income qualifications with energy assistance. If you are facing service disruption, immediate assistance may be available.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Ambit Energy has the right to compete for your business so they will likely work hard to keep customers happy, but the customer will pay for the right. Ambit Energy is one of the few companies we’ve come across that charges customers having financial difficulty more money for wanting to get out of debt. Did Ambit Energy make it easy for you to pay off your overdue bill?

8 Comments on “Ambit Energy Bill
  1. Dear Ambit,

    My Name is Cheryl spelled with a C, you have my information spelled with an S, this is incorrect. My bill is due today I don’t have my direct deposit into my account until midnight Thursday March 22,2012.We have a 3 month old infant that is in the house hold. PLEASE extend my payment until then and I can make the payment in full. Thank you in advance for assisting me with this URGENT matter.

  2. Payed my bill exactly 30 days ago. How can i be late enough tl be disconected if my next bill is just now due? Here i sit with 2 sick kids at 6 pm and nobody at your office to help me understand why my power has been cut with no notice. Your computer system tells me i owe 400.00 nearly twice my bill and ihave done nothing wrong. This is not customer service you guys are fired tomorrow!!!!.

  3. I brought Lots of customers to Ambit to help a dear friend. I regret for my actions. This is the worst power company I ever dealt with. They have so many ways to get you deposits ,late fee connection fee, disconnect, reconnect you name it. They are holding my deposit and still disconnect my power. Guys stick to your old local power companies Believe me they are cheaper too.

  4. I tried to call ambit to make a payment and talk to someone and nobody answer. Im so concern about when ambit will conect the sevice because i have a newborn in my house. They have to di some changes at the company about costumer service.

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