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American Water Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your American Water Bill

American Water knows the importance of a high-quality product and exceptional customer service. These are the principles the water company was built upon. The company services more than 15 million people with branches in 30 states and Canadian provinces. Due to state and federal regulations in 20 states, American Water is a vital source of infrastructure and community programs designed to ass the customers it serves.

How to Pay the Bill

American Water provides its 15 million customer base several resources to pay your bill. The services include online bill pay, payment by mail, third-party locations, automatic payments and in-person payments.

Pay online: Customers can pay your American Water bill online by visiting;jsessionid=C3283A6784D177DCB96FF4FC1A6FE64D. Acceptable forms of payment include credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks.

Pay by phone: Customers can pay your American Water bill by calling customer service at 1-866-271-5522. You must provide your account number when making a phone payment. A service fee is added to your American Water bill payment.

Pay in person: Customers can pay your American Water bill in person at one of the convenient locations listed on the American Water website. The locations vary by state.

Pay by mail: Customers can pay your American Water bill by sending your payment to the address listed on your statement or to the following locations.

American Water
P.O. Box 94551
Palatine, IL 60094-4551


American Water
P.O. Box 371880
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7880


American Water
P.O. Box 371332
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7332


American Water
P.O. Box 371412
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7412


American Water
P.O. Box 371880
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7880

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Questions or concerns about your American Water account are common. You can read the American Water FAQ page for more information on late payment fees and returned payment fees. Customer service is available at 1-800-383-0834 for additional information.

How the Penalty Fees Work

American Water charges fees for late payments, insufficient funds/returned checks, connection and reconnection. A security deposit may be required. The penalty fees vary, depending on the state. A complete list of state fees is located on the American Water website.

I Can’t Make a Payment

American Water offers company-sponsored programs designed to assist customers that can’t pay your bill.

  • Payment arrangements– Customers must contact customer service at 1-800-383-0834 prior to receiving a termination notice. Upon approval, customers must follow the terms and conditions of the agreement include making a minimum payment of 25% of your current bill and pay the remainder of the balance within 6 months. Additional requirements include paying future American Water bills in a timely manner. Breaking an American Water payment agreement excludes you from future payment arrangements.
  • H2O Help to Others – This program is designed to assist qualified low-income residents pay your bill. Eligibility requirements include being a minimum of 65 years old and having a household monthly income within American Water guidelines.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Did American Water exceed your expectations when you needed them the most? Was American Water available to help you pay your bill? Leave us a comment and share your experiences with us.

4 Comments on “American Water Bill
  1. My daughter is in jail, and left the water disconnected with a 900 dollar bill. I moved in to take care of her kids, and they wont let me turn the water on in my name without paying her old bill

  2. in sibley and pay it please thahk you and GOD BLESS


    marilyn hill says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

    December 21, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    I wAs diagnosed w kidney failure, was a nurse, unbelievably painful to move most days, cant work( I think I can, bt job wont let me), asked members to call to set up plan to avoid cutoff, I spoke 8 or 9 reps yesterday and was bounced around a lit, last wk 3/4 reps jyst huhhng ip, then the rep right before shameka yesterday told me I need to find someone else to talk to her over phone bc it sounds like im full of drugs, I am a nurse, I dont take pain pills(alletgic),she hung up so I again called tall for help and hot nice girl Shameka, I was so embarrassed and hurt and shocked, and


  3. I would first of all appreciate a website that takes me directly to my account. Secondly, I would like to enroll in paperless billing. Where can that be accomplished?

    I took many telephone calls, waiting on hold and several different websites to just finally get enrolled. I’m not certain that is totally accomplished. Still waiting for some confirmation email. I would definitely like the direct web so I can bookmark and get to it ASAP.
    Have a great day and please make mine profitable. My bill is now two months late with all the run around, as I did not receive the original transfer note in December of 2014.

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