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AT&T Bill

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your AT&T Bill

AT&T is one of the largest cell phone service providers in the United States. The company currently offers wireless, digital TV, Internet and home phone services. You can apply for cell phone service via the official AT&T website, in-store or through participating third-party cell phone companies. After your application is approved by the phone company, you will be required to sign a two-year service contract. If the contract is prematurely terminated, there is a termination fee. Termination fees are based on length of time left on the contract and type of contract, i.e.…higher termination fees may apply if a smartphone is associated with the cell phone account. In some cases, AT&T will require an up-front deposit before extending cell phone services.

New cell phone service comes with discounted prices on cell phones available through AT&T.

How to Pay the Bill

AT&T offers several methods of paying your AT&T bill. So, where do I go if I want to pay my AT&T bill?

Pay online:

Consumers can pay your AT&T cell phone bill online. You must register to access your account online with a bank account, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Diners Club or AT&T Universal. ATM Debit cards are also accepted with the STAR, Pulse, ACCEL or NYCE logos.

You can pay your AT&T bill online here:

Pay in-store:

AT&T stores taken payments during regular business hours. Stores do not accept cash payments, in most cases.

Pay by phone:

You can pay your AT&T bill by phone by calling 1-800-331-0500 or 611. There may be a processing fee for paying your bill by phone.

To make a payment without a fee dial *729 from your mobile phone. At the prompt, press the number 1 on your phone to pay with a bank account or 2 to pay by credit card. Enter payment information and wait for the confirmation number.

Pay by text:

AT&T offers the TXT-2-PAY service to all customers. The service must be set-up from your online account. Once set-up, payments are deducted via text message from the payment method on file.

Pay by mail:

AT&T offers several payment locations to pay your AT&T bill by mail. You must access your account online and enter your home zip code to find the nearest payment address.

Pay by auto-pay:

Auto-Pay services help customers pay AT&T bills on-time each month. Payments are deducted from a bank account, debit card or credit card each month on the same date. There is no fee for the service.

Pay by Billfloat: Apply for a account and you will be able to use their service to pay your AT&T bill, which gets you an extra 30 days to repay Billfloat.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The Fees and Taxes FAQs page lists information on activation fees, early termination fees and 911 charges. Customers can reach the service department at 1-800-947-5096 for more information on billing fees.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Late payment fees are assessed if your AT&T bill is not paid by the end of the billing cycle. AT&T reserves the right to interrupt service if payment is not made on-time. A service fee will be charged to resume cell phone connectivity after payment is made.

I Can’t Make a Payment

AT&T offers payment arrangements to help consumers pay outstanding cell phone bills. To set up a payment arrangement, customers can call 1-800-947-5096. Customers are eligible for payment arrangements if they have been with AT&T for more than 6 months without interruption.

If you break a payment arrangement, AT&T will not allow you to use the service again for 3 months. If more than 2 payments have been returned within the previous 6 months for insufficient funds, payment arrangements will not be provided. Bankruptcy and cancellation status renders payment arrangements impossible.

When we called AT&T for more information on payment options, the wait time was between 5 and 10 minutes. Customer service was courteous, but details on past due payments and possible help paying your AT&T bill could not be discussed without an account.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Do you have experience paying your AT&T bill? Let us know how AT&T treated you!

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37 Comments on “AT&T Bill
  1. I can’t pay my AT&T bill because they won’t send me a bill, won’t enroll me for apperless billing, and there’s no one available to take my calls except during times I can’t call because of work. Incompetent totally!

  2. Hello att its hard times right now and I always make my payments and at this time I got layer off my job and waiting on my income tax check to drop and i was needing a little time to pay my my account by February 8 and I would appreciate if att could give me until the 8 of February to make payment thanks your loyal customer Stephen bellamy

  3. I just recently losses my job, and is also about to loose my home, I’m trying to find out, what can I do not to loose my cellphone, I can’t afford to pay my internet service with you guys, I was working with the government, I’ve practically have lost everything that is dear to me, please att I’m in dying need of your assistance

  4. hello at&t. I am so sorry about my bill not being paid. I just rescently got a new job and will be able to pay the bill after jan.25. I really need help rite now getting my home phone back on.its on temporary suspension. can you help me out. thank you,

  5. need help paying my home phone bill from at&t not making enough money at my job could you please help me out

  6. Please help me pay my AT&T internet, phone and cable bill. I have had breast cancer, lost my job, my husband left me after I got sick, didn’t pay any bills. I have been trying to find a part time job, desperately need my services on, I have custody of my granddaughter. Really need a little help!!

  7. Hello, I a having trouble paying my bill now due to it has gone up a lot. I am not understanding why my bill is so high. I was bale to have everything on my land line for a small price. Due to not being able to afford cell phones for me and my family (single mother), the land line with all of the option I have works just great for us, and has been for years. Please understand and help me to get my price back as it was so so many years (I havn’t made any changing to my account). Thanks!


  9. I need to do a payment plan for my current bill cannot afford to pay the whenthing in two payments can u helps with my bull

  10. I had to leave the country right away because my mother who is 96 broke her hip and femur. I try to get and I phone and all the info was given to me wrong. I just came back and my bill is 188.55 and they disconnect my phone. called right away and offer to make payment and they told me you pay the bill in full or we will not connect it. I am 72 years old. I am on Ss only. who I can not pay the 69.00 now and pay the rest of the bill in 2 or 3 days. You are the worst company. Miserables

  11. I’m an injured soldier with limited income. I need help getting caught up with my phone bill. Is there anyway I can get help getting caught up please

  12. Im on disability and having extra money problems right now and not able to keep the arrangements on my phone/internet bill. I don’t want to lose my service on Saturday the 10 th of January. So please if I could beg your pardon can you help me with my bill? Can you possible pay it for me or help me and give me more time like 2 weeks to pay it on the 22 of January? PLease?? thank you so much and I am so sorry for this.

  13. I’ve been having trouble trying to catch up with my past due balance,I’m trying to pay whatever I can to come current but when I called At&t to make payment arrangements they said I couldn’t so not I’m stuck hoping they don’t disconnect me

  14. I owe AT&T money….due to hard times I was not and have not been able to pay my bills…you were not the only one I could not pay…now I can pay something…Can you pleasr help me out with information about my bill so I can pay before I retire this year…Husband passes and times are not easy…but I’m trying. Give me amount owed and how to pay it…plain English please due to concussion…Thank you…you can sent email as well..better for me. Sorry…

  15. When I try to pay my att bill I receive an error message, I have a new debit card and tried to update my information to continue paying my bill and received the same error message, it is a gophone, I’ve tried the past three days in a row to update and pay the bill

  16. I have been a customer with att for 8 years . I payed them 250 of a 600 dollar bill and they promptly turned off my service on May 30th 2015. I am highly upset at the lack of consideration I received from customer service . They would not work with me at all even though I’ve been a loyal customer for 8 years

  17. I really Need help with paying my uverse bill. I lost my job and need to have a payment plan. Please help so I will not be disconnected.

  18. I was late paying a bill and I made payment arrangement to pay half now and half in a week but the rep never noted it on the fire so they shut my service off. I called and pleaded and got nowhere not they want the half month pulse full month. I tried to explain the them that my disabity check was delayed I have been with them for 8 or 9 years and never had a problem can someone help me

    • My account has been assigned to credence resource management LLC for collections. Amount due 556.95. I recently talked to a rep had talked to rep that I had no intention to kerp the lines open, I would whenever I would get paid he said it would be find that the account was different because I no longer had the account open was closed, so therefore I could paid the account when I was able to pay it. So I am paying on it in small payments of 20.00 dallors when I get paid.the next payment is on August 31st 2015.
      Rosie R Burato

      • This is the second notice that they have and it’s uncalled for. I would like to dispute the account notices
        Because I have already talked to a rep and and still send me
        Letters that so in demands.
        They need to stop and consider my payments.
        Rosie R.Burato

  19. It si disgraceful that a multi-billion corporation that pays less tax per capita than I do,cannot give me from Aug 25 to Sept 6 to pay $150.78..after all this is the fuel for the CEO’s yacht and his pleasure boating is more important than my being able to communicate. There ar eother carrier sout there and they will lose $150+ a month in busieness for quite a whiel for their attitude, on top of this if i get it paid off they charge a poor tax of $40 when I reconnect……

  20. Please I have been a loyal customer for many years and we all run into financial problems. In July I had my hours cut down from 40 to 20 hrs..which hurt me very badly and couldn’t catch up..month of August I had to buy hearing aids which cost me 1400.00 I had to get them for hearing purposes on the job. on 24th I had an emergency flight to see my mother who just passed away and just returned on the 3rd ..still cannot pay my bill due on the 4th..
    So please extend my bill until the 11th of Sept ,this time for sure it will be paid. .
    Thank you kindly,
    Gracia fiske

  21. I’m on disability and I can’t pay my bill this month . Can I get any help paying my bill and I need to break my contract and go to straight talk with att. My bill is just to much each month wit a contract plan. Can I get my bill paid for me

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