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Baltimore City Water Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Baltimore City Water Bill

Baltimore City Water is the water company serving Baltimore, Maryland. The Bureau of Revenue Collections for the city of Baltimore handles all water company transaction. Customers can make payments for any and all bills owed the city of Baltimore online. Some payment options are free and others require the customer pay a service fee to process payment.

How to Pay the Bill

If you received a water bill from the City of Baltimore, you can send payment to the address listed on the bill or make a payment online. Mail payments take much longer to process, so customers with past due balances should never send payments by mail. Online, in-person and phone payments process more quickly than mail payments.

Pay online: You can pay your Baltimore city water bill online at You need your account number to look-up your water bill. You can also use your service address to find your water bill online. Once you’ve located your water bill, you can use a credit card or bank account to make payment. Credit card payments are assessed a service fee.

Pay by mail: Checks and money orders should be payable to Director of Finance. Customers can send personal checks or money orders with their account number to:

City of Baltimore Bureau of Revenue Collections
PO Box 17535
Baltimore, MD 21297-1535

Pay by phone: Phone payments are processed at 1-877-729-6269. Payments are processed by a third-party company. A service fee applies to phone payments.

Pay in person: If you want to make a payment for your Baltimore city water bill, visit:

Abel Wolman Municipal Building
200 Holliday St
Baltimore, MD 21202

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The Finance/Revenue/Water Turn Off FAQs gives customers answers to commonly asked questions about payment plans, bill pay and water restoration. The customer service phone number is 1-410-396-5398.

How the Penalty Fees Work

The City of Baltimore does not list penalty fees online. Most water companies charge:

  • Collection fees
  • Disconnect fees
  • Reconnect fees
  • Late payment fees
  • Returned payment fees

I Can’t Make a Payment

Baltimore city water will work with customers to place a past due bill on a payment plan. If a customer breaks a previous payment plan agreement, no future payment plans will be honored. Payment plans require a down payment. If you can’t pay the down payment, contact customer service anyway to talk about possible utility payment assistance.

  • Water bills up to $599.99: 50% down payment with balance broken into payments.
  • Water bills from $600 to $750: 40% down payment or $250 with balance broken into payments.
  • Water bills from $751 and greater: 430% down payment or $300 with balance broken into payments.

Payment extensions are granted automatically. Customers have 10 days past the disconnect date to make payment or call customer service to setup a payment plan.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

How did Baltimore city water work with you to pay off an overdue account balance?

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8 Comments on “Baltimore City Water Bill
  1. j need a supervisor to help me with our business account bill. we have 7 properties that we manage and cannot get addresses changed after 4 or 5 requests and our tenants keep getting penalized for late pays. hut none of us are getting bills at correct address or on time. i must get someone in authority to handle problem.i am pleading with you to get this problem corrected. i have held on the line for hours trying to solve my problem. i am on verge of calling city hall for help.thank you for your prompt attention.

  2. I would like to begin some dialogue on a serious water issue on behalf of the owner who lives in Rwanda. There seems to be no way to successfully navigate the ohone system. There is never an answer.

    Thank you!

  3. I am writing because my bill is in delinquent now. It started back last year. My neighbor had his main line fix. The water company stop my payment. Although i still paid my regular payment every three months. With no bill coming and i call and asked about it nobody could do anything. Now my neighbor on the left side has some type of bugs under her tube and water. Now, the meter man come out in 11/11 and i receive a bill in 12/26/2011 for 4,941.15. I call the water company they are gone to check into it for me. They come out and check to say it my side of the meter and not the city. So, they asked me to write to informal Confrence letter to Mrs. Rathmann on 2/10/2012 regarding my bill. On 2/15/2012 I had a private plumming company come out and said the same thing and by 3/12/2012 Scardina plumbing replaced my main line at the cost of 2,950.00. I need some one to come back read my meter and adjust my bill. I mad because nothing was wrong with my pipe before the fix my neighbors pipe and to fix my pipe they had to go through his same hole and to get to my line has his plumming company did to fix his. How do i know they damage my pipe. And i asked will they were fixing his and my pipe. I need help on this matter and will be refaxing my paper work back to Mrs. Rathmann please e-mail or send a letter that yall received this regarding my problem.

  4. I was told that I was eligible for assistance with my water bill, then I was giving the office to go for help they sent me to another location(Mondawmin DSS) and I was told to go back to DSS Reisterstown. I also went to the Main Office on 2700 N. Charles Street who told me they don’t assist with water bills anymore. I have taken off my job to take care of this matter. I have a decrease in my pay from work, or I would and I going to try to pay this off.

  5. like all city departments, water is dysfunctional. my request by email/phone has gone unanswered after 3 weeks. and they wonder why people give up and move away. Baltimore city is a sewer.

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