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City Of Houston Water Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your City of Houston Water Bill

The City of Houston Water Department offers online access to past usage, previous bills, customer service and online bill pay. The water company provides water service to residents of Houston, TX.

How to Pay a Bill

Pay with Quick Pay: Customers can pay your City of Houston Water bill online through the QuickPay service at This service requires you to enter your account number to make payment. No registration or online account is needed to use QuickPay. Customers can use a checking account or credit card to make payment. Credit card payments are assessed a convenience fee.

Pay by mail: Payments for City of Houston water bills should be mailed to:

City of Houston
Attn: Water Department
PO Box 1562
Houston, TX 77251

Pay by mail (overnight): Customers sending overnight payments will need to use the physical address for the City of Houston water department.

City of Houston
Attn: Water Department
901 Bagby
Houston, TX 77002

Pay by phone: Customers can make phone payments at 1-713-371-1265.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The City of Houston water company openly shares all services fees, including returned check fees, service restoration fees and late payment fees on the Service Fees page. Customer service is available at 1-713-371-1400 to answer fee-related questions.

How the Penalty Fees Work

The City of Houston charges a late payment fee on all bill payments not received by the due date. Contact customer service at 1-713-371-1265 to request a payment extension or payment plan. The City of Houston offers aid through the W.A.T.E.R. Fund to customers unable to make payments on-time.

  • Returned check fee: $24 per returned check or payment.
  • Service restoration: $30 after service has been disconnected.
  • Late payment fee: 10% of the past due amount.

I Can’t Make a Payment

The City of Houston offers payment extensions and payment plans for customers who cannot make a payment on-time. It is crucial for customers to call customer service as soon as they know they’ll be unable to make payment on-time to prevent late payment fees.

  • W.A.T.E.R. Fund: The W.A.T.E.R. Fund is funded through customer contributions. Customers can contact the customer service department for information on the program and an application.

Customers receiving support from the W.A.T.E.R. Fund will receive a $100 credit per month for six months. If the total bill is less than $100, the remaining credit will be applied to future bills. At the end of six months, customers must reapply for additional assistance.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Did the City of Houston Water department work with your to bring your account current? We’d love to hear your personal experience.

45 Comments on “City Of Houston Water Bill
  1. You have not sent me a water bill for the last 6 months. I only get pink cut-off notice every 2 months.

    I pay on-line sometimes BUt I STILL WANT TO GET A PAPER BILL.

    I have sent e-mail to you bur there was no response.

    H. Dahl

  2. I want to pay my home water will, but I do not know my account number as I have misplaced it.

    Please send me my account number and I will pay today.

  3. Bill was payed on line. Just received a notice in the mail that it was returned. There was enough funds in the bank to cover payment.

    • Your bill payment online by quick pay is not working! I always use it with no problems, but now my bill is due & I can’t pay it! When will you fix the problem?

  4. i am paperless and you do-not show a phone number for me to talk to customer service, i need that number, also i amk paying 61.00
    dollar for water on a fix income in a low class area, some people
    say that drainage has something to do with this i have ditches in this area. call me about my paperless bill i need to see just what i am paying for on paper

  5. I would like to request an extention on my water bill. I would need this until the 5th of December please. I feel like my bill is high and I am wondering if maybe I have an undetected leak. This is a single person home. Any help? Thank you

  6. 1/22/13

    I am not receiving a bill. Ever time I attempt to go on line for my balance I get a run around . If you want to get paid. send bill to 5318 Heatherbloom Dr. Ho, Tx 77045

  7. I am very unsatisfied with the water company at this moment.My water has been out for a week and noone seems to care.You really can’t talk to anyone on the phone;and it is a joke to your employees.It is very frustrating and aggravating.How would you like to be out of water for a week.Not to much fun.

  8. I have a SYSTEM SYSTEM that HAS TO BE VACUMED it need it at least (2) times a year, I am a widow living on a fixed income at 63 years old. The cost to vacume these tanks have gone up to $320.00 for a one time service. I have only had it pulled once, last December and I had them stop at a $100.00. But that does not clean out the system and so both tanks have to be cleaned out, I now have gases that I smell from the system coming from my bath room. I need some assistance to pay for this service. Is there a Senior Discount ? or a Special Rate for people in my position ? How can I pay for a service THAT HAS TO BE DONE.Maby the Health Dept has a answer for us, We have to have it done with no money to cover it.Mary

  9. I have been out of town and was not able to mail intime for my payment to be on time. It is due today and thought I would access the online payment so it will be paid on time. However, when I bring up the page it is blank except a blue line across the top and a button @ the bottomm that says TOP. What can I do now?

  10. Please help me. I need an extension on my water bill. My water heater sprung a leak which explains the high amount on my bill. I can’t make the full amount on my bill until my social security check comes on the 3rd of Oct.Please extend my bill until then. I’m diabled and can’t be without water.Thank you in advance.

  11. I have been having trouble for several months trying to pay my bill online. Your site says page can’t be displayed. I have not been able to get any help from you!

  12. What is wrong with City of Houston water site? I have been trying for months! All I get is paqe can’t be displayed. When I trouble shoot, the problem is with City of Houston site.

  13. your web-site is not working I have been trying for 2 days to pay my water bill I always pay online

  14. The City of Houston website for paying the water bill IS NOT WORKING. I see there are several similar comments above, all of which have gone unanswered. Would someone please advise us on what the status of the website is? How am I to pay the bill? I access it via the web, and pay it that way.
    Thank you,

  15. I have been trying since Monday, May 02, 2016 to have my services disconnected but someone keeps hanging the phone up when I do finally get someone on the phone.

  16. I want to pay my bill via your website but you website is not working. I will pay traditional method via my bank but it will take longer. Will you assess a late fee? I don’t think you should.

  17. This is ridiculous! I have tried for 3 months to use the online bill pay and it is NOT available. Please do something. Crap! Who’s working up there besides the CUT OFF PEOPLE?

  18. Get off the internet and go back to sending out paper bills. This is the 20th century in case someone is living in the past. Give me the option of paying online or mailing. Ancient people working in today’s society with all of this technology.

  19. What is wrong with the City of Houston websites to pay water bills?! It used to be so easy through QuickPay…now I can’t even do that? I keep getting that the security certificate is not secure…what is that?! Fix the Website please!!!

  20. i need to get my water bill on PAPER and a way to enter your website on line for payment options. I have tried sooooooooo
    many times. does not respond! 🙁 your lack of concern is just
    amazing. have even called for assistance. as I am a senior and need
    the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I was overcharged in June 5x the amount. Customer service rep told me to go to website fill out profile and ULB form to get refund. She was very unpleasant.. And guess what can’t pull website so can’t fill out form.. This comes to me with no surprise. Will repost if they actually care nough to contact me and resolve this situation.

  22. can not get into the system, have not received a bill for two months and info sheet says Annisee Parker is the Mayor. What a messed up operation this water department has become. Meanwhile, I am getting free water.

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