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City of Killeen Water Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your City of Killeen Water Bill

The City of Killeen, Texas provides water company services to residents. The official website for water bill pay is the same website operated by the city, so consumers may have trouble navigating to the bill pay and account login pages. In addition to paying water bills, residents can use the City of Killeen website to pay traffic tickets and learn more about the city.

How to Pay the Bill

The City of Killeen offers residents multiple options for bill payment using credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, personal checks, money orders and cash.

Pay online: You can pay your City of Killeen water bill online at Payments processed after 4:30 p.m. CST will be credited the following business day so customers should make payments early if they are due that day. The City of Killeen clearly states they are not responsible for any fees associated with payment mistakes, such as overpayment or duplicate payments. There is a $2 processing fee for making payment online.

Pay in person: In person payments are accepted at the Utility Collections Department.

Utility Collections Department
210 West Avenue C
Killeen, Texas

Pay by phone: Phone payments are processed at 1-254-501-7835. If you need to have service reconnected after payment, contact the reconnect department at 1-254-501-7800 and choose option 2.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

We all have questions from time to time about our water billing statement. Customer service is available at 1-254-501-7800 to answer your questions. You may find the answers you are looking for in the Rates document, including information on penalty fees and service charges.

How the Penalty Fees Work

The City of Killeen water company is one of the few that charges a late payment fee and a delinquent fee for the same infraction. If you can’t pay your bill, you could face $32 in late charges per month.

  • Late penalty: $10 if your payment is not received by 5 p.m. on the due date (15 days from mailing date)
  • Delinquent fee: $22 if your payment is not received by 5 p.m. on the 22nd day after mailing
  • After hours service charge: $40
  • Deposit: $90 per residential account

I Can’t Make a Payment

In the FAQs section on the City of Killeen website, customers are told to bring a picture ID to the main utility office to place a past due balance on a payment plan. There is a payment agreement the customer must sign. Payment agreements will not stop current billing so customers will be responsible for current bills and a portion of the past due balance each month until the payment agreement is concluded.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

The FAQs section leads us to believe the city will work with customers to pay off past due balances. Tell us your experience with the City of Killeen Water.

16 Comments on “City of Killeen Water Bill
  1. I am deployed and i am trying to pay my water bill online but the site will not come up. Is there something wrong with the city’s website? I need a way to pay my bill.

  2. To whom it may concern, I have tried for three day to pay my bill. I have tried with the government computer, iphone, computer at home, ipad. Then I call friday the 6 April and it was close this is so inconvience when the web site does not work. Not to include my friend tried her ipad to and did not work. I finally went to another web site and it gave me a different number so I call it and was able to pay the bill. This number was not even listed on website. On every web site it tell us that the browser is not compatible. Can you tell me what to do to fix this problem.

  3. I am in Kuwait and I want pay my water bill but can not get in for more then 4 days now is there a new web site to pay it……

  4. Will appreciate if someone from the Killeen Utility Office will provide some input as to why the online payment site is not functional. This is frustrating for customers that are currently out of town. Have been trying to pay my bill for the past week. Thanks

  5. It has been over a month since the last respondant and the site is still broke, can’t pay bill online. Can the City of Killeen please fix their website links.

  6. why does your phone payment option not understand what numbers my iPhone 5 is telling it… i cant pay my Bill and this is ridiculous

  7. Your website NEVER works no matter what computer I use or what version of windows it’s running it can’t open up your site. I understand that sometimes the internet sites can go down and that wouldn’t be a problem if your phone bill pay worked I’ve tried it on at least 4 different phones and your stupid system can’t understand my numbers so now I’m having to take off of work to go and pay this bill…late because you guys cant get your shit together. I am not happy AT ALL.

  8. I have tried a number of times to pay my bill online. Different days, different times and the website is almost always down. I tried today to pay by phone and it rings continuously. It’s nearly impossible for me to pay in person because my hours of being at work are the only hours y’all are open…

    Please fix the website or allow people time to pay late?

  9. I have not received my water bill in the mail yet, and it’s been well over a month since I’ve turned it on. I have been checking every day since February 1st. And it seems to me that you can’t access the account online until you get that physical bill in the mail? I have tried to call 2 different numbers to try and talk to someone about this, and to pay my bill, and the phone system DOES NOT WORK. Every time I press the number I need, it repeats the entire introduction. I am running out of options! my husband and I only have one car at the moment and he works until 5:30 everyday. I do not want to have to pay late fees for something that is out of my control!

    • I have read 13 comments as to how bad the Killeen Utility Department is with regards to their method of paying the water bill. I have tried numerous times to pay my bill on time but the automated phone payment service JUST DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. I just recently tried to callt the utility department and got routed to the Killeen Public Libray. When I tried to call back, it said that the number I dialed was not in service. The Killeen Utility department is a piece of SHIT and I too I am very frustrated with their system. I am like you who have to work until 5:00 pm everyday and it is a HUGE INCONVENIENCE for me to have to physically go down to the office and pay my bill. I

  10. Massive problems with your website. If the city of Killeen would consider an alternative to remembering your account is your SSN. Another example is your mailing address. Something to make th. Site more user friendly, instead of charging $25 dollars extra for water.

  11. Why don’t the city of killeen collections step up to the year 2015 and accept electronic payments from banks or credit unions instead of only taking mailed checks from banks or credit unions like all other businesses or organizations? You know full well that the mail in killeen is worthless. This is an outrage and scandalous. This is archaic system is probably kept just to have an excuse to call a payment late and charge a stupid late fee. Why are all other forms of payment charged a fee in the first place? This is not a credit card or loan? This is the most ate up organization I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Why send a letter saying that a deposit will be added to my next bill, when I put a deposit on the account when I first opened the stupid account? Where is my deposit from 2008?

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