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DirectTV Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your DirectTV Bill

DirectTV is an alternative cable company. This company provides many of the same services as other cable companies, but service is provided with a dish as opposed to a direct cable connection. The dish must be installed outside the home, which could pose a problem in certain areas depending on the home location and surrounding tree cover. Direct TV offers hundreds of channels, including local channels in some cases. Most services and bundles provided by DirectTV are offered under a two-year agreement. Customers face early termination fees if service is cancelled or disconnected for non-payment before the end of the contract.

How to Pay the Bill

Direct TV is available across most of the United States. Some billing and payment information is determined based on your current location. Online payment options are the same for all accounts.

Pay online: You can pay your DirectTV bill online at You must register for online account access before making payment.

Pay automatically: Automatic payments are available from your online account. Simply sign-up for automatic payments and enter payment information. Each month the DirectTV bill will be deducted on the due date.

Pay by mail: Customers wishing to send direct TV payments by mail should use the mailing address for your zip code.

Zip code starts with 0, 1, 2 – Send payment to:

PO Box 11732
Newark, NJ 07101-4732

Zip code starts with 3 – Send payments to:

PO Box 538605
Atlanta, GA 30353-8605

Zip code starts with 4 – Send payments to:

PO Box 6414
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6414

Zip code starts with 5, 7, 8 – Send payments to:

PO Box 78626
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8626

Zip code starts with 6 – Send payments to:

PO Box 9001069
Louisville, KY 40290-1069

Zip code starts with 9 – Send payments to:

PO Box 54000
Los Angeles, CA 90054-1000

Pay DirectTV With

You can put off payment by 30 days if you are accepted for a Billfloat account. This service, from the founders of Paypal, advances loans on various utility and insurance bills.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Sometimes your DirectTV billing statement can contain fees you don’t understand. For more information on fees and your bill, you can read through the Billing FAQs. Here you will find information about early cancellation fees, rebate processing and lease fees. If you need more information you can contact customer service at 1-800-531-5000.

How the Penalty Fees Work

  • Early termination fee: DirectTV services are provided on a contractual basis. If your account is disconnected for non-payment or you choose to cancel the service before the end of the contract, DirectTV reserves the right to charge an early termination fee. Up to $480.
  • Non-activation fee: If your receiver is not activated within 30 days after service is installed the charge is $150.
  • Late payment fee: $5 or the most allowed by law.
  • Deactivation fee: $15 if service is deactivated for non-payment.

I Can’t Pay My Bill

DirectTV allows customers to request an extension on their due date once every six months if the account is not past due. Payment extensions allow customers more time to make a payment. If payment is not made on the extension date, DirectTV may impose a late payment fee and downgrade service. You may also notice a payment reminder flash on your television screen until payment is made.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We’d love to hear how DirectTV worked with you to resolve a past due bill.

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3 Comments on “DirectTV Bill
  1. yes I had asked direct tv for an extension on the 43.70 I owe after pauyong 80 this morning and was told if I didn’t pay 43.70 by midnite tonite they would shut me off what a crock of shit

  2. ITS EITHER DIRECTV’S WAY OR NO WAY. I AM A 100% DISABLED VET ON a structured income. get paid on tha first of tha month and this month I will be paid on tha morn of tha 31st. today is the 29th and I asked them to give me my service bac till then . they said cant do it. I had already told them that at the first of tha month that it would be tha 31st b4 I cold finish paying.

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