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What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your ECUA Bill

ECUA, Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, is the water and wastewater systems provider for the City of Pensacola and the surrounding area. The company promotes a higher quality of life by providing low cost products and excellent customer service. A positive of ECUA is the way the company gives back to the community. ECUA understands that not all customers are as fortunate as others, so it provides services to help the less fortunate.

How to Pay the Bill

ECUA provides several quick, easy and convenient methods for you to pay your monthly bill. The available options accept credit and debit cards, checks, money orders, electronic checks and cash.

Pay online: Customers can pay your ECUA bill online by visiting This service is provided by Western Union SpeedPay and charges a $1.95 convenience fee.

Pay by mail: You can send your monthly ECUA bill payment to the following location:

P.O. Box 18870
Pensacola, FL 32523-8870

Pay by phone: Customers can pay your ECUA bill by phone when you contact customer service at 850-476-0480. You are charged a $1.95 convenience fee when making payments by phone.

Pay in person: You are provided the opportunity to pay your ECUA bill payment in person by visiting:

9255 Sturdevant St.
Pensacola, FL 32514

Automatic deduction: Customers can pay your ECUA bill by having the funds automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. Although ECUA does not charge a service fee, you may want to ask your financial institution if they charge a fee.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

At times you will receive your ECUA billing statement or account and the charges do not make sense. In the event you need the fees explained, we suggest you visit the ECUA Customer Resource page. You can also contact a customer service representative at 850-476-0480 for additional information regarding your billing statement or account.

How the Penalty Fees Work

When you receive your monthly billing statement or account, you may notice a section dedicated to the service charges and fees assessed by ECUA. The fees charged by the company include:

  • Service fees – $10.75
  • Delinquency – $32.25 before 11pm; $70 after 11pm
  • Returned check – $16.25
  • Service (same day) – $26.25; additional $10.75 after 11pm

I Can’t Make a Payment

When you are facing a financial crisis, ECUA is there to help.

Project ECUP – The Escambia Utility Assistance Program is a service designed to assist elderly customers pay for your ECUA service. The service is funded by customer donations.

Payment arrangements – Customers can contact customer service at 850-476-0480 to place your past due bill on a payment plan that fits your monthly budget.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Did ECUA help you pay your bill? We want to hear from customers just like you. Share your experiences below by leaving us a comment.

3 Comments on “ECUA Bill
  1. I have been unemployed for over two years. I have exhausted all my savings. My mother who is 72 and only gets 1100 in social security and my sister and her three kids live with me. The kids are 3, 12, and 14. I cannot pay my bill and I owe two months. Can I get help? We cant live without water. I am having the same problem with the electric. My sister does get food stamps. Any help would be welcome. I am looking for employment and have been.

  2. Help me pay? They told me that they didn’t take payments and shut me off! I only bring in about $650/month and what I owe would take one full paycheck and I only get 2 a month. Now they’ve shut off my water, too, and it’s not even through ECUA

  3. This is Bullshit you shouldn’t be charged to pay your bill. The other utility company’s don’t charge you for being a responsible costumer. Wake up and be RESPONSIBLE.

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