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El Paso Water Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your El Paso Water Bill

El Paso Water is a water company that is all about conservation. With blazing hot summers, residents in the El Paso area are always on conservation alert. To better meet the needs of El Paso water customers, the official website offers tips on water conservation and information on expansion and upgrade efforts as a part of Neighborhood in Advance Sewer Project.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: You can pay your El Paso Water bill online through the CheckFree service. Customers must register for the CheckFree website to make a payment online at http://www.epwu.org/services/ebill.html. Once registered, you bills will come to a valid email address each month instead of being mailed to your home address.

Pay by Bill Matrix: Bill Matrix is a third-party payment processor. For a service fee of $2.50, Bill Matrix will process credit card, debit card and electronic check payments online.

Pay by phone (Bill Matrix): Bill Matrix also accepts payments by phone at 1-866-680-5504. The phone service is available with the same $2.50 service charge.

Pay by mail: Payments by personal check, bank check or money order can be sent to:

El Paso Water
PO Box 511
El Paso, TX 79961-0511

Pay in person: In person payments are accepted at various payment centers in and around El Paso. There may be a service fee up to $1.50 per payment.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Although the majority of water companies disclose fees for customer, El Paso Water does not do a stellar job disclosing fees associated with your billing statement or account. In the event you have questions or concerns regarding your El Paso Water billing statement or account, we recommend visit the El Paso Water Customer Resource Page. For additional information, you should contact custoemr service at 1-915-594-5500.

How the Penalty Fees Work

El Paso Water charges a deposit to all residents applying for service. The charge for a single family home is $75. There may be an additional deposit of $75 for sewer service.

While no other fees are listed, consumers complain of late payment fees and connection charges associated with disconnection and reconnection. A returned check fee could also be assessed by El Paso Water.

I Can’t Make a Payment

El Paso Water does not directly address payment options for customers having trouble making payment on-time. When we contacted the customer service department, the agent told us there was a payment plan available for customers having trouble making a payment. The details of the payment arrangement are only available to current customers.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

There is very little information on how El Paso Water works with customers to resolve past due bills. We have heard rumors that the company is quick to shut off water if a bill is not paid on-time, so we suggest contacting the customer service department at 1-915-594-5500 as soon as you realize you cannot make a payment. Did this company work with you to pay down a past due balance?

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  1. Due to unforeseen circumstances,I had to call customer service on two different ocassions to make payment arrangements on my bill. I dealt with a Mark Bolduc, Business & Customer Service Manager. Even though arrangements were eventually made, this person treated me like a child being scolded, without knowing what my situation was that was causing me to be late on my payment. Very insensitive, lack of understanding and compassion, not to mention unprofessional. Unfortunately this is the only water company that we can deal with. I will NEVER request any payment arrangements with this company again if I find myself in the same situation. I’d rather suffer.

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