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Empire District Electric Company Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Empire District Electric Company Bill

Empire District Electric Company is an owner-invested electric and natural gas company based in Joplin, Missouri. The company provides services to more than 213,000 customers throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

How to Pay the Bill

As a long time or new customer of Empire District Electric Company, you expect the best, especially when you pay your bill. The company offers several quick, easy and convenient methods to pay your bill. The available options include:

Pay online: Customers can pay your Empire District Electric Company bill online by visiting https://www.paybill.com/empiredistrict/. Your account is assessed a $5.55 convenience fee when making a bill payment online.

Pay by phone: Customers can contact a customer service representative at 1-888-240-2356 to pay your monthly bill by phone.

Automatic deduction: An easy way to avoid late payment fees is to schedule your bill payment. You can have the funds directly deducted from your checking or savings account.

Pay by mail: You have the ability to send you bill payment to:

Empire District Electric Company
P.O. Box 127
Joplin, MO 64802

Pay in person: Customers have the ability to pay your bill in person at one of several locations throughout Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas or Arkansas. The list of in-person payment locations is available on the website. You can also deliver payment to:

Empire District Electric Company
602 S. Joplin Ave.
Joplin, MO 64802

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

When you receive your monthly billing statement or account, you may notice fees and service charges such as late payment fees, one-time security deposits, connection charges and reconnection charges. Do you need the charges explained? If you do, we recommend you visit the Empire District Electric Company Rates and Tariffs page. For additional information, we suggest you contact a customer service representative at 1-888-240-2356.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Empire District Electric Company charges customers a wide variety of service charges and fees on a non-recurring and monthly basis. The fees include:

  • Security deposit – the average of two months worth of utility usage
  • Late payment – 1.5% of the past due balance
  • Returned check – $20
  • Collection – $15
  • Reconnection – $30

I Can’t Make a Payment

When you face a financial hardship and can’t pay your bill, Empire District Electric Company provides programs to help. The programs offered by Empire District Electric Company Rates include:

  • Office of Human Concern
  • Project Help
  • SEK-CAP (referrals only)
  • Community Action Partnership
  • Missouri Valley Community Action
  • Green Hills Community Action Agency
  • Samaritan Center
  • West Central Missouri Community Action Agency
  • Human Development Corp
  • Missouri Valley Community Action Agency
  • Green Hills Community Action Agency
  • Open Door Ministries
  • Dept of Human Services
  • Community Action Program
  • Project Help
  • Christian Help
  • Dept of Human Services
  • Community Action Program
  • Ottawa Dept of Human Services
  • Ottawa Community Action Program
  • FEMA Funds
  • Salvation Army

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Empire District Electric Company has a long standing history of helping customers in need. Did Empire District Electric Company help you when you were faced with a financial crisis? We want you to share your experiences, both positive and negative. Leave us a comment below.

4 Comments on “Empire District Electric Company Bill
  1. The electric company is putting an old bill onto my account. it is for 4 thousand dollars and they expect me to pay it in full or they are going to cut off my electricity. I lost my job and am living on unemployment. my husband gets disability but that only covers the rent. I dont know what we are going to do. We have to have electricity to live. i have 3 kids and they all have emotional problems. liheap only approves us for 200 dollars. and that wont keep the lights on. What are people like me supposed to do?

    • My daughter has a simliar problem. She has 3 kids, no child support, can’t work due to disability sustained from her first husband who was abusive, she has a pending disability claim in progress, has to have spine surgery in two weeks, znd has no income currently. We are helping her as much as possible. She had a $500 overdue bill and a $194 current one due. She made arrangements and said she thought she could pay $700 on the bill the first of the month as I had a check coming in. It was smaller than though it would be so she only could pay $600 which paid all the past due and over 1/2 the current. They put a note on her bill that they could not make any payment arrangements with her again. She has a shut off notice again and I don’t have enough to help her pay it and they won’t make arrangements.

  2. Empire district is keeping us from getting electricity in or name. We called them and were willing to pay the past amount in full but they told us since it went to collections we would have to pay everything we had in collections including medical bills before we can get utilities now 4600 later we at waiting to sees if we can get it on in our names. I don’t see how they can do this if you paid your past bill.

  3. Empire District is most certainly one of the most heartless and cold companies I have yet to work with. Due to EXTREME financial hardships, and a deceitful property manager who had been pockting our rent and deceiving the out of state landlord by telling him we hadnt made payments in months (Despite our signed receipts showing otherwise), we have found ourselves seeking public housing with our four young children. When we threatened to call the city inspector because they refused to make essential repairs (raw sewage flowing from the base of the toilets across the bathroom and into the halls and bedroom, toilet on wood shimes, no rings, no handles, and falling thru the floor, ductwork which show straight daylight when looking down, flooded rooms, exterior walls that water pours in, exterior doorswith no locks, exposed hot 220 wiring, plywood floors, no interior doors to speak of and the list could go on and on, we found ourselves being told if we werent out in five days he would be thowing us and our belongings out. We refused to leave as we didnt have the funds at that time. We went to court and continue to go to court even now two months later, we now have 8 days to vacate. After contacting over 30 organizations, we were finally placed on an emergency housing list. After a month long ordeal, We were told both gas and electric had to turned switched into our name before we could move in to the only apartment they had come available. My girlfriend contacted Empire, who told her she had a $480 old bill, they told her to pay it, and call the following day, after it had time to process to pay a $100 deposit (would have been $180 had they been paid the same day). She did so, and was quoted a $150 deposit a day later when calling back to verify they received the $480 payment the day before. They honored the $100 previous quote. After receiving the new account number and paying the deposit she received a confirmation number for the gas to be switched over into her name the following day. Meanwhile I took care of paying our current $370 electric bill thru our local utility company as well as an old bill from 2002, for $55.00 in order to transfer the electric. Despite spending every last dollar we had been saving for our first months rent and deposit, our safety net as we had seen it, incase we should have ran out of time and not heard the miraculous news of receiving an apartment in time. We were finally able to relax and know things would finally be okay as we were set to move in the very next day after a walk thru inspection (That was yesterday). The next morning we arrived at the apartment only to be told by the Public Housing Director that she had called to verify the utilities had been transfered, upon doing so she read them our names and was informed that I had an old bill and that they wouldnt transfer the service. The problem with this is that I discharged from a bankruptcy in 2009, this bill is for a few months of service spanning 2006 and into 07. This was included in my bankruptcy. My girlfriend was never asked if anyone else lived in the home, any of the 3 or 4 times she spoke to Empire, and we assumed after I had spoke to a representative sometime before then and this bill was brought to my attention that the bill was most likely covered with the bankruptcy despite being in their system still, as an Empire representative informed me, ” It sometimes happened and was most likely the case here”. I was basically told not to be concerned. I was informed at my walk thru that we would be given one week to fix the situation, and transfer the gas service, or we would have no choice but to forefit the emergency apartment and our spot on the waiting list. We called Empire back to discuss the matter, after explaining about the bankruptcy, and the old bill of $480 that we had paid two days prior, the deposit we had already posted of $100 and they had already accepted, and the urgent situation we were now faced with, the rude and hateful representative asked us to hold. When she returned I asked how much the bill is showing, again I was placed on hold, moments later she returned only to tell me she had to transfer us to a specialist and before we could say much else the phone began to ring, The specialist was busy with another call, so once again we spoke to a rep. We explained to them that because we only had a limited income and were saving every dime we could scrape up for a home for our family, we had skipped adding airtime to our phone this month, and we didnt have a reliable contact number to leave on the specialists voicemail. We asked if we could hold for her and was told no. We were finally able to use someones phone to call back again, this time leaving a voicemail explaining the situation, the time crunch, and the temporary phone number to reach us at. Still having no idea what the bill amount was showing, we spoke to a rep again, this time asking if that bill could be broke down and added to current bills over the next few months so we wouldnt find ourselves homesless in a matter of days. In addition, we also asked what documentation was needed for the specialist so we could be unpacking boxes and locating it while waiting. The hateful rep once again, told us nothing more and once again transfered us to the Tammy’s voicemail. This was yesterday. We still have not heard so much as a word back. Not sure just how legal it was to let the Housing Director name off names like a guessing game to see if she got one right when verifying the gas transfer, but it was a privacy violation (as I was informed by both the rep, and the Director), for Empire to directly tell her the name it was transfering too… In addition, Empire told the director that they had been trying to reach us, yet the emergency contact that we placed on file, reviewed both her caller ID and her Voicemail and showed no calls from them at all. Thru out all of this ordeal the only useful piece of information I have been able to gather from Empire, is that they wont break the old bill down into payments, at least not until November 1st, and possibly not then either, all the while still not informing me of the bill amount. Or even a fax number I could send my bankruptcy papers to for verification. Now I am racing the clock, and now Empir Gas District has received my girlfriends old bill in full ($480, and a $100 deposit). When asked what would happen with the deposit, I was politely ignored while being placed on hold, and told nothing upon their return. I know nothing more now than I did when I first called. After going over six months with no vehicle and walking across town to work, in the dark, through storms, and wind we were finally able to purchase a minivan a couple months ago, looks like we, along with our children, ages, 3, 4, 10, and my daughter who turns 12 this month, may not only be celebrating her birthday by dome light, but also living and sleeping in our van very soon. That is if they dont take it back before then, as we had to push the last payment off in order to pay Empire the FULL amount of my girlfriends old bill, Thanks to Empire, the company that claims to have, “a long standing history of helping its customers in need”, We will quite possibly lose every posession we own, as every last dime we have, or had coming in between now and our day to vacate was spent for this apartment and utilities. All while under the assumption that we would at least have a home to be safe and warm in, even if we had to walk to work again, it was a sacrifice we would gladly make for our children. At least we would finally be able to climb out of the mess, pay off our vehicle in five months and be on the road to financial recovery, considering the apartment is less than 1/4 the monthly rent of the trailer we are in now. It may have been one little apartment in the center of public housing to Empire, but it was our saving grace, our light at the end of the tunnel so to speak that we have so needed since we had found ourselves in this slumlords accident waiting to happen property. Despite, having my receipts and no way to even contact the actual owner of the property, having never met him until two days before our first court date and not knowing which state he is even from, or his name. Despite I was served the eviction, having been current on my rent (with signed receipts) two weeks prior to rent even being due again, We will be forced to leave the property. Despite having our signed receipts for April-Junes rent, we directly offered the owner the rent and he refused it just prior to court, After receiving a copy of our receipts, we were informed that the manager was fired, and we were able to meet the new managers, as they came by to discuss the possibility of us paying July rent and staying if the repairs were handled. The owner later refused to allow us to stay. Only after having mentioned the possibility of calling the city inspector to come take a look at the unsanitary, unsafe, and dangerous conditions of the property, the same repairs we were told would all be done before we moved in…I received a court ordered eviction notice. I took the rent money for July, since it was refused by the owner, and placed a down payment on a vehicle, so we could both seek better and more gainful employment to better our family’s situation, and so my girlfriend no longer would have to walk across town by herself, through the storms, hail and heavy rains for her graveyard shift position. The kids would not have to walk across town in bad weather going to and from school, and we would have a way to move our posessions once we had a first months rent and deposit together, but now Empire has found a way to take not only our chances of a home, but quite possibly everything we own that we hadnt sold already just to get by and keep the bills paid prior to securing a minimum wage job, that barely gets 22 hours a week, and filling in for others is often frowned upon, as they refuse to pay overtime, and want nobody to reach full time hours for any reason at all, but what does Empire want… MORE MONEY, not my bankruptcy paperwork, not a steady payment towards the bill, appears they could careless that it was discharged along with the bankruptcy, not to return urgent calls, or protect my rights to privacy, No they want nothing of the sort, They want an unsolicited amount of money, and they seem to want it all right NOW, before they will so much as turn it on. I now have electric turned on at both locations, As electric and gas are both required before moving in. I will have a base daily amount plus additional fees to have it turned on at both and soon turned off at one or both addresses. Yet if I turn it off at the “New” apartment, and Empire does by the grace of God, decide to have even so much as the slightest bit of compassion and consideration, and decide to work with us, considering I have verification of the bankruptcy, and have offered to do anything, and pay any type of payments they would like, so long as service could be transfered and we could move into the apartment as we had left out to do yesterday morning. Should I disconnect the electric and Empire should come thru, ill rack up additional fees yet again… at this point I have given my family and our futures everything I possibly can, I even had to sell our stove and fridge to ensure the $350-$400 monthly electric bills (Despite having no working AC) were paid, and that the kids had school supplies, as I had arranged for assistance with a caseworker at a Nonprofit organization, only to be informed, after many phone calls and a day before school started that the non-profit organization no longer employeed the worker I had been speaking with, and thus the clothing voulchers she had offered for school clothes from a local thrift store hadnt been relayed to the proper people nor had their backpacks or supplies. Thank goodness they hadnt grown much since last year, as this years supply list was the most expensive thus far, and it took almost every dime I had to work with after selling our appliances to be able to afford them. In addition, I am informed that without a physical address for my youngest two daughters to be picked up and dropped off at by the end of next week, they will not be able to attend Headstart this year as they have been eagerly anticipating, and would be ever so beneficial for them at their ages of 3 and 4 years old. We already gave away our two beloved pets, both very small house dogs, both members of our family for the past 6 years or so, as we couldnt scrape the money together for the pet deposit to keep them with us in the apartment and for us to survive as well. Times are tough, and I know were not the only ones feeling this rough economy, some more than us Im sure, but Id bet my last dollar…if I had one left to bet, that the almighty Empire Gas District wont feel a fraction of what my family has already endured to get this far, and will continue to endure to remain together as a family. There is a lesson my children will learn from this, they will see that if they struggle, but remain willing to take just one more step, they can achieve what they set out for, even if the obstacles, like Empire, try to knock them down, rather than give them a helping hand or a kind word. Empire or its “owners” will most likely never experience this lesson, nor would I wish them to, as it is truely crippling both emotionally and physically. Disappointment is something I have now come to understand and almost expect, but to have your representatives speak over me, when I am nothing but polite and respectful to them, and to plead with one representative after another thru my disappointment and tears, only to be placed on hold and passed around from one extention to another while being spoken to as though I didnt exist behind the nine digit number they assigned to me. Times are tough, and I know were not the only ones feeling this rough economy, some more than we Im sure, but Id bet my last dollar…if I had one left to bet, that the almighty Empire Gas District wont feel a fraction of what my family has already endured to get this far, and will continue to endure to remain together as a family. This is the lesson my children will learn from this, they will see that if they struggle, but remain willing to take just one more step, they can achieve what they set out for, even if the obstacles, like Empire, try to knock them down, rather than give them a helping hand or a kind word. Having my questions ignored and being spoke down to because I dont have minutes on my phone because I wanted a home for my family instead. Times are tough, and I know were not the only ones feeling this rough economy, some more than we are Im sure. To be honest we are grateful we have the van to stay in, as it can always get worse, Id bet my last dollar… if I had one left to bet…that the almighty Empire Gas District wont feel a fraction of what my family has already endured to get this far, and will continue to endure to remain together as a family, as our family is our greatest strength and our drive to keep going when the disappointment all but consumes us. I pray to God above, that you and your families have never and will never experience the difficulties we face daily, or know what its like to have choose between your kitchen appliances, and school supplies for your children. I hope you never have to feel your heart sink to your stomach, as you try to explain to your third year band student that we cant afford to rent an instrument this year. Or scrpe change together to buy your daughter a birthday card, all the while knowing the shoes shes had her eye on since the beginning of summer are on clearance, but if you buy them, everyone will be walking to school and work for the next week. These are the daily obstacles I like many other parents face and wrestle with these situations daily while living paycheck to paycheck, this was our shot at getting our feet planted firmly in the ground once more and climbing back to the life we remember, and miss. The road may be longer now, and the journey may have started over for us, but we have each other and we WILL make it back to that sense of security and comfort again.

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