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Idaho Power Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Idaho Power Bill

Idaho Power is an electric company started in 1916. The main company started out as five different companies – Idaho-Oregon Light and Power, Idaho Railway Light and Power, Idaho Power and Light, Great Shoshone and Twin Falls Water Power and Southern Idaho Water Power.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: Customers can pay your Idaho Power online by visiting The service is free to Idaho Power customers. Acceptable methods of payment include credit cards and debit cards.

Pay by phone: Customers can pay your Idaho Power bill by phone by calling 1-800-829-5415. Customers paying your Idaho Power bill by phone incur a $2.85 fee with each transaction.

Pay by mail: Customer can pay your Idaho Power bill by mail by sending it to:

Processing Center
P.O. Box 34966
Seattle, WA 98124-1966

Pay in person: Customers can pay your Idaho Power bill in person by visiting a drop box. Idaho Power requests customers do not pay their bill with cash.

Pay station: Customers can pay your Idaho Power bill at a pay station. Customers are reminded to provide your account information when paying at a pay station.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

On a monthly basis when your receive your Idaho Power billing statement or accout, do you know what the charges, such as late payment fees, returned check fees or connection fees mean? If you do not, we recommend you visit the Idaho Power FAQs for further information. You may also want to contact customer service at 1-800-829-5415 in the event the FAQs do not resolve your question.

How the Penalty Fees Work

When we spoke to the customer service representative, they explained Idaho Power charges customer’s fees for late payments, returned checks, disconnection of service and connection of service.

  • Late payment – Idaho Power charges customers 1% of the total amount due monthly until the delinquent amount is paid.
  • Returned check – a payment returned from your financial institution incurs a fee of $20 per occurrence. Additional bank fees may apply.
  • Temporary connection – Idaho Power charges customers $10 for temporary service connections.
  • Disconnection within 30 days of initial service – The fee charged is $35.
  • Disconnection after 30 days of initial service – The fee Idaho Power charges customers is $370.
  • Connection – New customers of Idaho Power incur a connection fee of $35.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Idaho Power provides multiple options for customers having difficulty paying your bill. The preferred methods explained to us are budget pay, preferred payment schedule and winter pay plan. The customer service representative provided us with several state-funded assistance programs as well.

  • Budget pay – The Idaho Power budget plan bills customers an average amount each month. This allows the customer to plan on a fixed bill amount. The budget plan is reviewed periodically to ensure customers are not paying too much or too little.
  • Winter payment plan – Customers have the ability to spread the cost of their Idaho Power across five months of November to March. Eligibility in this program is limited to handicapped individuals, seniors and households with children. The service is available one year at a time and requires applying each subsequent year.
  • LIHEAP – This program assists qualified low-income customers with your heating costs during the winter months. Eligibility is based upon income and the size of the customer’s household. Learn how to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Did Idaho Power work with you on a past due bill? Leave a comment telling us how this company resolved your past due bill problems.

4 Comments on “Idaho Power Bill
  1. Hello Idaho Power.

    The reason I am contacting you is that my MONTHLY STATEMENT has been sent to my former address, the wrong P.O. 405, OR, 97544 address. I have recently rented in Boise and the adddress is 2911 James Street, Boise, 83703. Please send my statements here.

    I did call and request that the power account be transferred into my name. I regret that I did not record the confirmation order number but my phone number is 208 949 4275.

    Thank you. Sincerely, Shannon Jones.

  2. hi would like to know if we can make payment arrangement on this account of 121.00 that got a reminder on at 902 Williams rd Emmett if possible please let us know please . thank u sincerely jerry and patricia Frasier.

  3. I have a bill for $191 .72 ,I can pay this bill this week,no later then weeks end,we are in a bad way here for people hiring old broke down geezers,this I know is an excuse,not a reason for being late but it’s a fact that I do live hand to mouth,I appericiate you patience with me,oliver benedict

  4. I was put on a budget pay plan about 2 months ago. I just received a bill for the entire amount that I owe. I am retired living on SS and caanot pay this full amount. What can I do

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