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What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your LADWP Bill

The Los Angeles Department of Power and Water, otherwise known as LADWP is both an electric company and a water company servicing Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

How To Pay The Bill

LADWP offers several different ways to pay your bill. You can opt for electronic billing, bank draft, in person, via phone, online, or wire transfer.

To pay your bill via bank draft: sign into your online account and enter the necessary information.

To pay your bill in person: Visit any of the customer service centers to make your payment.

To pay your bill via phone: Call 1-800-342-5397 and follow the prompts to make your payment any time 24 hours a day seven days a week. There is no fee for this service.

To pay your bill online: visit login, and choose the “Pay My Bill” option.

To pay your bill via wire transfer: visit a Western Union location and be ready to provide your name, account number, and account balance. You will also be required to pay an $11.95 service charge to Western Union to facilitate the QuickPay service.

To pay your bill by mail: Send your payment to:

PO Box 30808
Los Angeles, CA 90030-0808

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Customer service is available to answer billing questions at 1-800-342-5397. The Customer Service and Payment Information page offers some information on late payment charges, service charges and water adjustments.

How The Penalty Fees Work

If you are late making a payment on your account, you are subject to late fees that are a percentage of your payment amount, added on to the following bill. If you reach the point where your service is disconnected, you will have to pay $50 to have it restored. Other fees may include:

  • Late payment charge: Monthly percentage equal to 18% annually.
  • Returned payment fee: $25 per instance.
  • Field collection fee: $30 per instance.
  • Same-day account restoration: $70 per instance.

I Can’t Make A Payment

If you are not able to make a payment, you will need to contact customer service as soon as you are aware of the issue to discuss making a payment arrangement to keep your account in satisfactory standing to avoid a service disconnect. You may be required to pay a high-risk credit deposit if service is disconnected for non-payment. LADWP does offer information on several programs for low-income families, including:

  • Water Lifeline: Credit of $20 every two months for qualified water customers. Based on income and family size.
  • Low-income support: Credit of $10 every two months, plus an additional $3 every two months for each person over three. Maximum credit is $20 per bill.
  • LIHEAP: Customers that are having financial difficulty will want to know how to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP. You will need your monthly household income as well as statements regarding public assistance you receive. Upon acceptance, you can use the grant money toward your heating or cooling expenses.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

LADWP will work with you to make sure they can do everything they can to ensure your services remain on even in times of hardship, but if you are not able to meet the terms of your arrangement you may run into some issues. If you have experience dealing with this company, please share it with the other readers of this site.

16 Comments on “LADWP Bill
  1. it is absolutely impossible to get past that call center line to contact you . I received a bill over 1000 and you want it paid on the 31st?? and the bill says may or may not be disconnected? there is not a feasible to pay that large amount today and why cant the bills come on time like the gas bill this is too much of a hardship . Please contact me asap i am at work and i am calling constantly on my lunch and between breaks since monday. I work in a call center and maybe you should hire temps for such a backlog of calls.

  2. I don’t have money to pay my lights & water bill I’m a single mom with five kids I only receive childsupport the kids father never paid the full amount & now he just stop paying , onlyhave to worry about or my bills.Hope you can help us have not been able to pay on it so my final notice is 12/22/14.Our house was. broken into on the 3rd of Dec so anything we had was worth something is broken r stolen.

  3. i need to pay my bill the electric,i am not work.need information my credit balance,year 20010-20013 the LA SANITATION,than you.

  4. please help me I been trying to disconnect my electricity service SINCE NOV 30TH at 237 north Rosemont # 3 I MOVE OUT ON DECEMBER 1 AND I HAVE WRITEN A COUPLE OF TIMES and on the phone waited for 1/2 hour and been hang up after 30 minutes . I try on line and only have sites to make a payment only or paperless… thanks

  5. I can’t pay all this amount right
    now, it’s only me and my mom and
    she’s disabled. Can I try to call
    I HEAP program.on Monday.

  6. Don’t wait until the bill is late. Call for an extension. You can do this throught the automated phone system, and they give you about 1 month extension automatically.

  7. I rec’d a larger than usual bill. Is there a penalty to make a partial payment? It is impossible to get a live person on your telephone line! Very frustrating. Why can’t you make access to a live person??

  8. came home from work to find water was shut off: $269 was past due on 7/5/16 (water shut off 8/2/16); called but lady rep didn’t understand the situation – made prompt payment and was told they couldn’t turn water services back on until later next day before 5pm – no water all night with 2 young kids – one gets recurring nosebleeds almost every night during this summer… they have an afterhours team and this should be considered a priority so as not to keep hard working families under partially inhabitable conditions

  9. I dont have the money for my bill im not working & i just dont have it i have small children here…is there any assistance besides the pace program?

  10. No water or electricity. need help. have broken wrist just recovered from 2 knee surgeries. what can I do? please help. Annette Cortes

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