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Mountaineer Gas Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Mountaineer Gas Bill

Mountaineer Gas is one of the largest natural gas providers in the state of West Virginia. The gas company services more than 226,000 customers throughout the state. The natural gas pipeline stretches more than 5,000 miles. Mountaineer Gas offers programs for customers that are having difficulty paying your bill.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: Customers can pay your Mountaineer Gas bill online by visiting You will need your account information as well as the accepted method of payment. There is a convenience fee associated with paying your bill online.

Payment stations: Customers can pay your Mountaineer Gas bill an authorized pay station by visiting the convenient locations on the website. The third-party pay stations may charge a convenience fee.

Pay by phone: Customer can pay your Mountaineer Gas bill by phone by calling 1-800-834-2070. The available methods of payments include credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks.

Direct billing: Customers can pay your Mountaineer Gas bill by having payments automatically deducted on a monthly basis. The method of payment is an electronic check from your checking or savings account.

Pay by mail: Customers can pay your Mountaineer Gas bill by sending payment to:

Mountaineer Gas Company
P.O. Box 362
Charleston, WV 25322-0362

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Have you seen charges such as late payment fees, connection fees or security deposits on your Mountaineer Gas billing statement or account that did not make sense? If this is the case, we suggest you visit the Mountaineer Gas Customer Care page. If this information is still confusing, you should contact customer service at 1-800-834-2070.

How the Penalty Fees Work

We spoke to the customer service representative of Mountaineer Gas and they explained the company assesses fees to customers for late payments and reconnection of services. They also explained a security deposit is possible, depending on the creditworthiness of the customer.

  • Late payments – Mountaineer Gas charges customers a .75% penalty fee for bills paid past the due date.
  • Reconnection fee – Mountaineer Gas charges customers a fee of $25 to reconnect services that have been disconnected.
  • Security deposit – The amount of money Mountaineer Gas charges for a security deposit depends on the credit history of the customer. The maximum amount is equal to 1/12 of the estimated yearly charge for service.

I Can’t Make a Payment

When we spoke to the customer service representative at Mountaineer Gas, they explained that the company offers payment assistance for customers that can’t pay their bill. The available services include payment arrangements. Customers must call 1-800-834-2070 to set up arrangements. Failure to follow through with the payment arrangement results in a penalty fee and exclusion from further payment arrangements.

Mountaineer Gas also provided us with information on the Weatherization Assistance Program. This program assists low-income families reduce energy costs by making their residence energy efficient.

LIHEAP is a program some Mountaineer Gas customers can use to pay off past due gas bills. If you use Mountaineer Gas to heat or cool your home, learn how to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP. Some applicants receive help the same day they apply.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We want to hear from customers just like you. Did Mountaineer Gas assist you in paying your bill? Leave us a comment below so we can better assist customers of Mountaineer Gas.

8 Comments on “Mountaineer Gas Bill
  1. I owe Mountaineer Gas 1600.00. I have been trying to pay this off. Was told in July that I owed a little over $1000.00. Gas was shut off because I could not pay total amount. Extra charges were tacked on (was on budget and they added on the amount of money I went over). I called to try and work out a payment arrangement and explained that my hours were cut and was told that with the total bill, disconnect fee AND reconnect fee I owed over $1800.00. I was only able to pay $200 that day and plan on paying $500 next week, but still not enough. Have an appointment with my county’s Salvation Army to see if they can assist me, but not holding out much hope since I’m not considered “low income”. I don’t know what to do.

    • Give up and switch to electric. Mountaineer Gas thinks it is a K-Mart lay away department when it comes to payment arrangements. They want money now to make a payment arrangement. It does not matter if you have always paid or not. Their policy makers apparently get paid to make payments as diffucult as possible for the consumer. They are like every other monopoly with no competition in the area. Just bend over and take it like a ……..

  2. What a sad company.I asked for a four day extension for a $167.00 bill.I planned to pay in full.They refused.I wish WV companies would treat costumers right.I grew up in California and they always work with customers.

  3. I just got a Collection Notice from a collection agency for someone else with the same last name. It was mailed to my address and I can’t get hold of anyone at Mountaineer Gas to get this straightened out. Turns out the dirt-bag the bill is for used my address to apply for a Moose Membership so his girlfriend wouldn’t find out and kick his dead-beat butt out. I admit the dirtbag is related to me but DOES NOT live with me and owes me $20,000 so I don’t have any more to do with him if I can avoid it. I have informed him I will put his rear in jail if he ever does this again! I have perfect credit but this could affect me.. No one is answering the phone and it’s 10:30 a.m. Mountaineer Gas needs to contact me before I am forced to go to a lawyer. Lets get this worked out.

  4. Hell no I told them I couldn’t pay the full amount till the 29th of may they said it would be shut off on memorial im scared to death I had to pay for my meds I just had surgery she dudnt care ive never been so disappointed as I was when I called friday. So I guess I wont be able to shower for a week now.

  5. my daughter owed them $160 they shut off her gas on a friday evening and she was unable to reach anyone til monday then she had to pay her bill in full a $25 reconnect fee and a second deposit of $85. this is crazy they are trying to get rich off of the little people and it needs to stop

  6. My bill is due to be disconnected however I am not able to make a payment until Feb. 4 and leap is supposed to help but so far I am unable to contact my worker. Could u please stop my disconnect or tell me how to stop it until I can get things worked out. Thank u.

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