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Murfreesboro Electric Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Murfreesboro Electric Bill

Murfreesboro Electric is a small electric company in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The company offers tips, kid’s pages and online account access to all customers. When times get tough, contacting customer service is the best means of resolving an overdue bill.

How to Pay the Bill

Online: You have two options if you pay your Murfreesboro Electric bill online. The first option is for customers who want to pay online by check. Check payments are processed at The second option is for customers who want to make payment by credit card. Credit card payments are processed at

By Phone: Phone payments are processed at 1-615-893-5514. Customers paying by check need to have the account number and bank routing number available when calling to make a payment. Credit card customers must have the credit card being used for payment. All phone payments require the Murfreesboro Electric account number.

By Mail: Personal check and money order payments can be processed at the Murfreesboro Electric Department. Mail payments are processed the same day they are received, but there could be a lengthy wait between when payment is mailed and received. This is not the best payment option for past due bills. The address for mail payments is:

Murfreesboro Electric Department
PO Box 9
Murfreesboro, TN 37133-0009

In Person: Payments are accepted at the Murfreesboro Electric Department. The address of the office is:

205 N Walnut St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37133

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Have you noticed fees not diclosed to you on your Murfreesboro billing statement or account? We did not find the fees the coompany assesses to customers, but you recommedn visiting the Customer Care page for a complete list of rates and monthly charges. If this page does not offer adequate information, we suggest contacting customer service at 1-615-893-5514.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Murfreesboro Electric lists all rates charged by the energy company, but there are no specific penalty fees mentioned. We know they charge a late payment fee when payments are received after the due date.

I Can’t Make a Payment

The first thing a customer should do when they can’t make a Murfreesboro Electric payment is contact customer service. Customer service can be contacted at 1-615-893-5514.

Levelized billing: When customers want to plan on the same electric bill each month, they choose a levelized billing program. The plan bills customers an average amount based on the previous 12 months. You must have no past due payments or disconnections in the previous 12-months to qualify.

Payment arrangements: Customer service will help you setup you past due balance on a payment plan, in some cases. If you have a history of broken payment arrangements, the company may not choose to honor your request.

LIHEAP: There is nothing worse than receiving a disconnect notice and not having the money to pay your electric bill. The LIHEAP Home Energy Assistance Program is a federal program for low-income families. The program offers immediate support to stop service interruption if you meet income guidelines.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

There are tons of companies that offer payment arrangements and budget billing, but only the customers know whether or not these programs work. Did Murfreesboro Electric live up to your expectations or were you left with a disconnect notice and no way out?

3 Comments on “Murfreesboro Electric Bill
  1. I have been trying to set up on-line payment. it keeps telling me page is not available. I have tried several weeks ago and just now. The same message comes up.
    Thank you.

  2. I am pretty upset right now. I have attempted to make my payment SEVERAL times and haven’t been able to. Now it’s late. This is the 2nd month that this has happened to me. I can not access the online system. I attempted to pay by phone on the 8th & the 9th but it wouldn’t let. I tried to call the office yesterday and today but got a message that the office is closed! I attempted to look up my account by phone today but there is no record of it. When I looked it up by account number by phone it said that I couldn’t make a payment by phone! (AGAIN this month) I didn’t get a lunch break yesterday because I worked out of the area. Today I’m scheduled to be at my daughter’s school but I need to get my electric bill paid!!!!!!

  3. I have customerservice several times.the past few days to try to setup budget billing?i have a minute phone after a 15 to20 minute wait.i left my account#my full name address and phone#and the reason for my call about budget billing.but when someone owes them money they will contact you.i have never been late on pymt.anyone who knows how to get a live person on phone would be great.fed up in the boro.

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