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NPower Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your NPower Bill

NPower is an electric company and gas provider for residents of the UK. The company offers several service s designed to help customers save money on your monthly energy bill. The services include:

  • Winter Fix
  • Go Fix 8
  • Flex Saver Feb. 2013
  • National Trust Green Energy
  • NPower Juice
  • Juice-e
  • Football 45
  • Freedom

How to Pay the Bill

In today’s hectic world, customers need options to pay your bill. NPower offers several easy and convenient options to pay your monthly bill. The available options include online bill payment, mail payments, phone payments and automatic deductions.

Pay online: Customers can pay your NPower bill online by visiting This service is free and only requires you register on the NPower website.

Pay by mail: If you want to pay NPower bill by mail, you will need to send payment to the following location:

P.O. Box 93

Pay by phone: You have the ability to make an NPower bill payment by phone. You will provide the customer service representative with your account information when calling 0845-070-4851. Making a NPower bill payment by phone is free.

Automatic deduction: Customers wanting to have your NPower bill payment deducted from you’re checking or saving account will need to call customer service at 0845-070-4851 to enroll in this program.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

On a monthly or a one-time basis, NPower charges you a set of service charges or fees associated with your billing statement or account. At times the charges need to be explained to you. If you need your service charges or fees explained, we recommend visiting the NPower Terms and Conditions page. We also suggest contacting customer service at 0845-070-4851.

How the Penalty Fees Work

NPower did not disclose the service charges and fees associated with your monthly billing statement or account. When we contacted customer service, they only discussed the early termination fee and the meter change fee. We suspect the company charges a late payment fee as well as a security deposit.

  • Early termination – £20
  • Replacement meter – £60

I Can’t Make a Payment

NPower recognizes that customers may face financial hardships and can’t pay your bill. The company offers several payment options to customers that can’t pay your bill. The available options include payment plans, prepayment plans, access to money advice agencies and direct payments. You will need to contact customer service at 0845-606-0646 to setup any of these payment assistance programs.

  • Payment plans – This service allows you to pay your past due bill in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly installments.
  • Prepayment – You can add money to a meter so you know exactly the amount you have to spend on a monthly basis.
  • Direct payment – This service allows you to deduct your NPower bill payment from your monthly pension payment.
  • Money advice agencies – NPower provides access to the following money advice agencies that help when you do not qualify for payment plans. The agencies include Citizens Advice Bureau, Consumer Credit Counseling Service and Money Advice Trust.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

When you needed assistance paying your NPower bill, did the company help you pay your bill? We want you to hear you thoughts and concerns about NPower. Leave us a comment below.

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