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Orange County Utilities Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Orange County Utilities Bill

Orange County Utilities provides electric, garbage collection/disposal and recycling services for residents of Orange County, Florida. The company offers 24 hour access to customer service representatives to better serve the community.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: Customers can pay your Orange County Utilities online by visiting The service is free.

Pay by phone: Customer can pay your Orange County Utilities bill by phone by calling 1-407-836-5515. Acceptable methods of payment include electronic check, credit cards and debit cards.

Pay by mail: Customers can pay your bill by sending payment to:

Orange County Utilities
P.O. Box 628068
Orlando, Fl 32862-8068

Pay in person: Customers can pay your Orange County Utilities bill in person by visiting:

Orange County Utilities
9150 Curry Ford Rd.
Orlando, FL 32825-7600


Orange County Administration Building
201 South Rosalind Ave.
Orlando, FL 32825

Automatic payment: Customers can pay your Orange County Utilities bill through automatic deductions. The service deducts your monthly payment from your checking or savings account.

Pay stations: Customers can pay your Orange County Utilities at authorized third-party pay stations including, 7-Eleven, Western Union, Amscot and Walmart.

  • 7-Eleven – $1.50 convenience fee.
  • Western Union – $1 convenience fee.
  • Amscot – $1 convenience fee.
  • Walmart – $0.88 convenience fee.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Utility companies such as Orange County Utilities tend to disclose monthly fees, including connections charges, late payment charges and returned payment charges. Although the charges are disclosed, not all customers understand what they mean. If you are in this boat, we suggest your spend time visiting the Orange County Utilities Customer Care FAQs. You may also want to contact a customer service representative at 1-407-836-5515 for additional information about your billing statement or account.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Orange County Utilities charges a variety of fees ranging from connection to disconnection fees, late payment, insufficient funds and returned check fees.These charges and fees are common and occur on a monthly or non-recurring basis.

  • Connection of service – Orange County Utilities charges customers a fee of $16 to connect service during normal business hours. During non-business hours, the fee increases to $21.
  • Security deposits – In the event Orange County Utilities customers have less than perfect credit, a security deposit may be required prior to service. The security deposit is refunded upon termination of your Orange County Utilities contract.
  • Late payment – Orange County Utilities charges customers a fee equivalent to 1.5% of the past due amount. The late payment is added to the current due amount.
  • Disconnection – Orange County Utilities charges customers between $12 and $17 to disconnect service.
  • Insufficient funds – All dishonored credit card payments are assessed a fee of $18 per occurrence.
  • Return check fee – When a check is returned, Orange County Utilities charges customers between $25 and $40.
  • Illegal use – Customers using Orange County Utilities meter without a contract or permission are subject to a fee of $350 to $361.

I Can’t Make a Payment

There are not many services offered by Orange County Utilities for customers that can’t pay your bill. The customer service representative we spoke to explained the payment plan. The first step is for customers to call customer service at 1-407-836-5515 prior to disconnection of service. The other service available is Orange Cares 4 U.

  • Orange Cares 4 U – This service is available to qualified customers including the medically challenged and the elderly. Orange Cares 4U provides temporary assistance with your utility bill.
  • LIHEAP – This federal program supports low-income individuals and families with energy assistance. If you use Orange County Utilities as the primary means of heating or cooling your home, the LIHEAP home energy assistance program may be able to help. There are income guidelines, but immediate help is available to qualified applicants facing service disruption.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Did Orange County Utilities exceed your expectations when you needed assistance paying your bill? Leave us a comment below and share your experiences.

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  1. I called your customer service number this AM requesting a payment extension. After making a payment last week I don’t have any funds
    available until the the end of the month when I get a VA pension
    payment into my bank account. The person at your office who answered the phone said that she could not guaranty that the service would not be shut off. This is less than $60.00 which includes added late
    charges! That adds to a highly stressful situation to a person still recovering from open heart surgery!

  2. my bill is scheduled for electronic payment but my credit card number has changed please email me to let me know you have my right number thank you so much. Patricia

  3. could you please send me a email or call me to make sure you have my new card number I would really appreciate that so much patricia

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