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What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your PECO Bill

PECO is a Philadelphia electric company. Electric service is provided to customers in both residential and commercial sectors. Philadelphia is known for drastic temperature changes with hot summers and cold winters, which can lead to spikes in energy bills. If you find you can’t make your PECO bill payment, there are several options you can turn to for help.

How to Pay the Bill

Mail payments: Customers wanting to make payment by mail can send payment in the envelope provided with the monthly bill. If that envelope is no longer available, payments should be sent to the payment center address. It is best to send personal checks and money orders through the mail. Cash payments are not suggested.

PO Box 37629
Philadelphia, PA 19101

Payment Location: Philadelphia is a large city. There are multiple payment locations available to make in-person payments. Some locations may charge a service fee for accepting PECO bill payments.

Online Payment: You can pay your PECO bill online at The service is provided by CheckFree and requires the user register before making payment. This is a free service and registration takes only a couple minutes. You will need your account number to make payment.

Automatic Payments: You can register for an online account through PECO to setup automatic payments. This is a different account than the one used to make payments through CheckFree. Customers can view past bills and make changes to current service with an online account.

Phone Payments: If you have no time to register or you simply want to make a quick payment, call 1-877-432-9384. You will need you 10-digit account number to make a payment by phone. The service accepts check, credit card and debit card payments.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Customers tend to notice when fess such as returned check fees or late payment fees appear on your PECO billing statement or account. At times you do not understand the charges. If this is the case, we recommend you review the list of fees on the Customer Care page. You can also receive detailed descriptions of services and fees by calling a customer service representative at 1-877-432-9384.

How Penalty Fees Work

Paying your PECO bill after the due date could result in several penalty fees.

  • Returned check fee: $30 per returned check or payment. This fee is not the same fee your bank may charge for insufficient funds.
  • Late payment fee: Charged at an undisclosed percentage of the past due amount.

I Can’t Make a Payment

It is imperative to contact customer service at 1-877-432-9384 if you are having trouble making your PECO bill payment. Customer service is qualified to offer information on assistance programs and payment plan options.

  • CAP Rate – Low-income customers may qualify for a discounted electric rate.
  • LIHEAP – Federal program that helps low-income customers meet energy costs. Learn how to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP.
  • MEAF – Low-income program.
  • CARES – Helps customers having temporary financial problems.
  • Payment plan – Breaks your total bill into more manageable payments. Payments are billed with current charges on future energy bills.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

PECO appears to offer more options than most energy companies to help consumers pay energy bills. Did this company help you resolve your overdue balance?

15 Comments on “PECO Bill
  1. My daughter and two roommates participated in the CAP program. They are all college students and not that attentive when it comes to paying bills on time. It is my understanding that they have recently been discontinued from the CAP program and are faced with a $700 electric bill the first week in May. They had been paying a set fee of $99.00 a month prior to being dropped from the CAP Program.

    Is this typical for participants in the CAP program? It smacks of balloon payments on a home mortgage.

  2. I have a $3,000 bill and peco won’t help me at all in Oder to keep my service on I have to pay the full price. I even set in agreement to pay 150 month they still won’t take it

  3. All Pennsylvanians need 6 months to pay their overdue electric bills because most of us used our electric payments this winter for the oil bills. PECO you are rotten to the core. People complain on national TV and radio shows about you. You are even being investigated by the PA state congress for your lack of concern to all customers. My mother’s generation was promised if they had a nuclear tower in their back yard their electricity would be lower for my generation. Instead you made my parent’s generation pay for it and now you ship most of the energy to TEXAS where they will pay more for it. I can see Limerick from my backyard but get my energy from Conn. because it is cheaper.
    Every PA should be put on your CARES payment until we can pay for this winter nightmare and then have the summer to decide if we even want to live here. Did you know that 1 out of 10 people have already left this state?

  4. I told them my situation and told them I could’t pay the full amount of my bill and I even tried to get help but they said I made too much and I need to switch jobs and make less money so I did but now it’s nothing available to help until the winter time, so I’m without electic and I don’t have nobody to help me.

  5. I have a friend that had their lights turned off last month for using too much electric. They had an audit, Peco would not follow the suggestions of the auditor. they also would not except a payment arrangement. They have small children and live off social security. Peco could care less about anyone but them getting more money. Montgomery county PA needs another elecric company that is not get electric from Peco.

  6. There are live, electric dangerous, wires hanging in front of my back door, as well as several other neighbors yards. This is due to unknown individuals cutting down a tree and leaving the wires exposed and hanging so that someone unknowing will be electrocuted. I am reporting this situation, and would like a response ASAP. My name is Dorothy Powell

  7. I make payment $235…this peco ppl don’t care,if you low income or not’s thay still turn my light off,,, thay whan me to pay $1,490.66 for me this is abuse,…

  8. I currently have a balance of $175 and I can’t cover the whole amount. I’m currently a dialysis patient and I’m legally blind but I will be able to pay at least $100 by July 28 2016 because I’m on a fixed income. Please advise

  9. A persons John Hancock is the person who is responsible in our society not with PECO dictates That if you had assessability of the service you will be responsible Nonsense . When signing up with PECO they state to the person that they will be responsible for the bill ! They need a class action suit against him

  10. Iam on the cap program and was told several months ago iam not eligible for credits to my bill anymore with the new cap guidelines iam on ssdi and limited on my income my bills were around 70 100 month now there saying they will go to almost 200 a month which I cannot afford this,is criminal I have a very rare illness and my apt is entirely electric I called Pecos cap program and was told to use more electric in order to be eligible for a,discount that makes no sense to me .I tried contacting the public utility commission and they refuse to help or even listen I guess it’s time to contact the local government and federal government to see what can be done to help people like me that are on a fixed income I plan on making this public in any way I can to let others know what is going on here

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