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Penelec Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Penelec Bill

Penelec is a Pennsylvania electric company operating under the FirstEnergy Company guidance. Customers can register for an online account to view current bills and bill history, make payments and make changes to an electric account. Pennsylvania is known for four beautiful seasons, but that also means temperatures vary widely causing spikes in energy bills.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online via eAccount: You can register for online account access and an eBill through the Penelec website. Customers will no longer receive standard paper bills in the mail. Requires a valid email address. You can pay your Penelec bill online at using a debit card, credit card or checking account.

Pay by phone: Penelec offers an automated phone system for payments. Customers call 1-866-569-4770 to make a payment. The service is available 24 hours a day and accepts credit card and debit card payments. You will need your account number and the credit card / debit card to make payment. You cannot make payment with only the credit card number; you need the security code on the back of the card.

Pay in person: Authorized payment locations are available in all service areas. It is best to search for the nearest payment location using your zip code.

Pay by mail: Penelec customers can mail personal check or money order payments to:

PO Box 3687
Akron, OH 44309-3687

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Have you had questions about your Penelec billing statement or account and didn’t know where to locate the correct answer or a detailed explanation? We suggest you visit the Penelec FAQs. For additional information, you can contact customer service at 1-866-569-4770.

How the Penalty Fees Work

As if financial troubles were not enough, some companies charge penalty fees on top of past due bills. Penelec charges penalty fees.

  • Reconnect fees (normal business hours): $32
  • Reconnect fees (extended business hours): $44
  • Reconnect fees (after business hours): $83

Penelec may also charge a returned check fee, late payment fee and collection trip fee.

I Can’t Make a Payment

If you can’t make your Penelec payments, call the company immediately. The customer service phone number for Penelec is 1-866-569-4770.

  • Extended due date: Customers receiving monthly income, typically from state and federal sources, may qualify for an extended due date. Meters are read at the same time each month, but the customer is given more time to pay due to inflexible income.
  • Extended payment plan: When times are tough, Penelec will work with you to make your payments smaller. Breaking up your past due bill into smaller payments is a great choice to resolve an overdue balance, but remember your current charges must be paid in addition to the payment plan amount.
  • Federal income-based programs: The LIHEAP Home Energy Assistance Program is a federal program helping Penelex customers pay energy bills if Penelec services are used to heat or cool the home.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Penelec is a FirstEnergy company. FirstEnergy is known for offering various payment assistance options to customers, but customer reviews are not all that flattering. Give us the inside scoop on Penelec. Did they work to help you overcome a past due balance?

5 Comments on “Penelec Bill
  1. Your service is terrible. You make mistakes and shut people’s power off and then never turn it back on

  2. You like to charge 500-700 bill, just because. It’s bs. My bills normally run 100 too 150. WATCH YOUR BILLS PEOPLE. They did this to everyone on my street.

  3. I have been trying to catch up on my bill for almost 2 1/2 years and for a person that only has two adults in a household and we work 10-12 hour days how is it possible our monthly bills are so high. We so t have air conditioning, no stove since we use a microwave if we need to a small one mind you. And we live in a two bedroom apartment and don’t run our heat. Explain this to me and then I can’t afford my monthly payments and they want to shut it off.

  4. I’m a senior, on disability, diabetic so my insulin needs to be refrigerated and i make less than half of what they say is the minimum for 1 person. No one….NO ONE will help and they treat me like I’m a lazy person wanting a free ride. I have 3 days until termination. No family to help…nothing. I’ve been trying for weeks to get through to an agency. They say leave your number for a call back. No one ever calls back. I finally got through after using up most of my minutes on my cheap pay as you go phone. I was very excited about that. The woman took my info and I breathed a sigh of relief only to be told there was nothing as of a few days ago. Why couldn’t I have been told sooner instead of giving my info and being lead to believe I was going to get help.

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