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Pennsylvania Power Company Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Pennsylvania Power Company Bill

Pennsylvania Power Company is an electric company based in Akron, OH. The company currently provides services and excellent customer service to more than 6 million customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia and New Jersey.

How to Pay the Bill

You have the ability to pay your Pennsylvania Power Company bill quick, easy and conveniently. The company provides the following options:

Pay online: Customers can pay your Pennsylvania Power Company bill online by visiting You have the ability to make payments using your credit or debit card as well as electronic check.

Automatic deduction: You can pay your Pennsylvania Power Company bill by having the funds automatically deduced from your checking or savings account. Although Pennsylvania Power Company does not charge fees for this service, check with your financial institution to see if service fees apply.

Pay by mail: Customers can send your Pennsylvania Power Company bill payment to:

Pennsylvania Power Company
P.O. Box 3687
Akron, OH 44309-3687

Pay in person: Customers can pay your bill in-person by visiting one of the available locations provided on the Pennsylvania Power Company website.

Pay by phone: You can contact customer service at 1-866-569-4770 to pay your Pennsylvania Power Company bill by phone.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

When you receive your monthly Pennsylvania Power Company billing statement or account, do you fully understand all of the service charges and fees, including late payment charges, returned check fees and security deposits? If this is the case, we recommend visiting the Pennsylvania Power Company Customer Resource page. You can also contact customer service at 1-866-569-4770 for additional information regarding your billing statement or account.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Pennsylvania Power Company is similar to other utility companies and charges a wide variety of fees on a monthly basis as well as on a non-recurring basis. The fees charged include:

  • Security deposit – The amount is based upon the credit history of the customer
  • Late payment – 2% of the past due amount
  • Returned check – $20

I Can’t Make a Payment

When you can’t pay your bill, Pennsylvania Power Company provides programs as well as resources to help customers. The first source is to contact customer service at 1-866-569-4770 and explain that your bill payment could possibly be late or you can’t pay your bill altogether. The representative will present viable payment arrangement that fit your monthly budget. The additional programs and resources include:

  • Critical Customer Care Program
  • Gatekeeper Program
  • WARM Program
  • Project Reach
  • Customer Assistance and Referral Evaluation
  • Customer Assistance Program

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

When you were faced with a financial crisis or hardship, did Pennsylvania Power Company provide assistance or help? Did the company help you pay your bill? We want to hear real life experiences from customers just like you. Share your positive and negative experiences with us by leaving a comment below.

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