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Severn Trent Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Severn Trent Bill

Severn Trent Water is a water company serving more than 8 million customers in the United Kingdom. The coverage area ranges from Bristol Channel to East Midlands. Customers with an overdue bill should contact Severn Trent immediately to prevent disconnection.

How to Pay the Bill

There are three main methods of paying your Severn Trent bill – online, direct debit and Paypoint/Watercard.

Pay online: Customers who want to pay your Severn Trent bill online can do so by visiting You’ll need to enter your water account number, post code and last name into the online form to make a payment. Registration is not necessary as the first payment takes you through the registration process. After making this first payment you can access your account online.

Pay by direct debit: Customers can choose to have Severn Trent bills deducted from their bank account on the due date each month. To enroll in the program, visit the Direct Debit page. If the account you wish to use for direct debit requires more than one signature or if the account belongs to someone other than the person named on the bill, contact the customer service department at 0845-604-0785.

Pay with Paypoint or Watercard: Paypoint and Watercard are third-party payment processors accepting payments for Severn Trent water bills. You need to apply for a Watercard before using the service. Paypoint locations are available throughout the service area and accept in-person payments.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If you are having trouble understanding your bill, contact the service department at 0845-604-0785. You can view a complete list of rates and fees on the Scheme of Charges page.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Penalty fees charged by Severn Trent water are assessed to customer accounts when they don’t pay on-time or when service is disconnected. Other charges also apply for returned payments.

  • Returned payment charge: £4
  • Security deposit: Up to 90 days of service charges payable in one lump sump

I Can’t Make a Payment

The customer service department is available to talk with customers about payment options at 0845-604-0785. Customers can request a payment schedule through their online account. There is no information on how this payment schedule works.

  • WaterSure: This program is available for people who use a lot of water or those with low incomes. Contact 08457-500-500 for a leaflet on the program.

Will they Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We’d love to hear more from real-life Severn Trent customers. Leave your comments about this company below.

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  1. I paying by payment card and to day got reminder of 19.99 could u let me know which weeks I mist please as I thought I payed up tp date.

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