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Source Gas Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Source Gas Bill

Source Gas is a gas company providing service to Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. Customers can access bills online, make payments, request changes and contact customer service all from their account. Registration is required to access online account options and tools.

How to Pay the Bill

Bank Draft: Bank drafts give Source Gas permission to debit your bank account each month. Customers must contact 1-800-563-0012 to request the enrollment form. If funds are not available when the debit is made, you will be responsible for a returned payment fee and late payment fee to Source Gas along with any fees charged by your bank.

Credit Card: Credit card payments are accepted online and by phone at 1-800-563-0012. The number leads to an automated phone system that collects payment information.

Online: You can pay your Source Gas bill online at Customers must register for online account access. Registration may require the account number and information about your billing address or service address.

Mail: Customers should send personal checks and money orders made out to Source Gas to:

Source Gas
PO Box 660559
Dallas, TX 75266-0559

Authorized Collection Agent: Customers can make payments in-person through authorized payment centers. There could be a service charge added to these payments.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The Frequently Asked Questions page on the Source Gas website lists answers to customer questions about billing, payments and payment plans. There is also a detailed section on service disconnection. Customers with questionable fees can contact customer service at 1-800-563-0012 for specific billing questions.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Many companies will work with customers to prevent penalty fees if the customer contacts the service department. Remember, Source Gas has no idea you are having temporary payment problems so they can’t help if they have no idea about the problem. Source Gas does not reveal specific amounts of fees, but the company does list the fees that will be assessed.

  • Late payment charge
  • Insufficient funds charge
  • Reconnection charge
  • Bill collection charge

I Can’t Make a Payment

Source Gas claims they will work with customers to setup a payment plan to resolve a past due balance. The payment plan is called the Account Settlement Agreement.

  • Account Settlement Agreement: Customers must pay a portion of the past due balance before placing the remaining amount due on a payment plan. Typically, the down payment is one-quarter of the balance with the remaining three-quarters broken into three monthly payments. The customer is responsible for the payment plan amount and current charges.
  • Budget Billing: To prevent unexpected bill hikes, place your account on the budget billing program. Your bill remains the same each month and you can plan a budget around the bill instead of being stuck with a huge bill and no financial means to pay off the balance.
  • LIHEAP: If you use gas as your primary means of heating or cooling your home, you may qualify for LIHEAP. LIHEAP is a federal program for low-income people. It is simple to learn how to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Despite all the information Source Gas provides, we are not certain how the company will work with real life customers in financial distress. Do you have experience with Source Gas?

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