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Southern California Edison Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Southern California Edison Bill

Southern California Edison is an electric company serving the southern portion of California. Due to fluctuations in seasonal temperatures, it can be difficult to control heating and cooling costs in California, so customers may be faced with a higher than normal bill. Paying off a high bill can lead to late payment charges and possible disconnection.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: You can pay your Southern California Edison bill online at You can choose to make your payment without registering for an online account, or you can register and access account information online. There is a $1.75 fee per transaction if you choose not to register.

Pay by mail: Customers can send personal check and money order payments to Southern California Edison at:

Southern California Edison
PO Box 600
Rosemead, CA 91771-0001

Pay using your bank: Many banks allow customers to make bill payment online. There is a significant delay in personal bank bill payment, in some cases. If your account is past due, this may not be the best payment option.

Pay in person: Payment locations are available throughout Southern California for customers who want to make in person payments.

Pay by phone: Check payments by phone are accepted at 1-800-950-2356. The payment is processed by QuickCheck and there is a service fee of $5 per check. Credit card payments are processed at 1-800-254-4123. The fee for this service is $1.75.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If you have questions or concerns about monthly fees such as late payment fees, restoration fees or the one-time security deposit, you should visit the Southern California Edison FAQs for a complete list of fees. You can also discuss your concerns with a qualified customer servie representative by calling 1-800-372-2365.

How Penalty Fees Work

Penalty fees will be charged to your account if you do not make payment by the due date listed on the bill. Customers need to call customer service for payment assistance if they are unable to make payment on-time.

  • Late payment fee – The late payment fee from Southern California Edison is 0.9%. The fee is charged every month there is a past due balance on the account.
  • Restoration fee – If service is disconnected, Southern California Edison will charge between $17 and $110 to restore service once all monies are paid in full to bring the account current.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Southern California Edison wants to help you resolve your past due account, so they offer online payment arrangement requests. Simply register for online account access and log into your account. Request a payment arrangement and wait for the response from the company. Alternatively, payment arrangements can be requested from customer service at 1-800-372-2365.

  • CARE: California Alternative Rates for Energy Program. Customers may qualify for a discount up to 20% of their energy bill.
  • Energy Assistance Fund: Income qualified applicants receive assistance for 12 months.
  • LIHEAP: If you fall within income guidelines for the LIHEAP home energy assistance program you may receive monetary support for your heating and cooling bills.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We’d love to hear how Southern California Edison helped you get rid of an overdue balance.

7 Comments on “Southern California Edison Bill
  1. I have had huge SCE BILLS for years! SCE WILL DO NOTHING TO INVESTIGATE THIS ISSUE! I have no where to turn anymore I have borrowed thousands from my family just to keep my electricity on. I cannot borrow anymore just paid SCE $1500.00 because they were going to turn it off. I still have a balance of over $3000.00.
    Who can help me find help for assistance? I HAVE TURNED OFF APPLIANCES, sold appliances and tvs to buy more energy efficient still my bill doesn’t change. Friends and people of hundreds have told me that my SCE bill for my size home and family is INSANE.


  2. Can you please tell me what other progams i qualify for helping me with my bill my name is Vanessa Macias customer thank you very much



  4. Please help, we are a family of 5 and my daughter is expecting a baby in december. We just moved and now Southern California Edison wants a 200 dollar deposit by tomorrow or we will be shut off. PLEASE help us

  5. I have been unable to talk to a person at SCE with respect to my problem. I have had to close the BofA account to which my electric bill has been automatically debited and paid from. How do I get SCE to automatically debit my new account which is now open at BofA? HELP!!

  6. Please help me with my light bill this time my wife just got on disability i cannot afford it .what can i do please help and i have 5 children.

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