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Southwest Water Company Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Southwest Water Company Bill

Southwest Water Company owns water utilities and provides water services in California, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama. Each state has different account and customer service details, though many of the policies are the same across the company. Customers can find customer care for local water companies run by Southwest Water Company from the official website.

How to Pay My Bill

Pay online: You can pay your Southwest Water Company bill online through the main official website. Customers simply go to and enter the 12-digit account number. This number is used to retrieve account information, including total amount due.

Pay by phone: Phone payments are accepted by customer service for all Southwest Water companies. The customer service phone number changes based on the state of residence.

  • Texas: 1-866-654-7992
  • California: 1-866-644-7992
  • Oklahoma: 1-866-654-7992
  • Alabama: 1-205-987-8352
  • Mississippi: No number listed.

Pay by mail: All customers can make payments for Southwest Water bills using the envelope provided with the bill. If the mailing envelope is not available, customers need to find the mailing address for the local water company servicing your home. Southwest Water lists all companies and contact information on the SWWC website.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Customers receive your monthly Southwest Water Company billing statement or account and tend to not fully understand the meaning of all of the fees. If you fall into this category, we recommend you visit the Southwest Water Company Terms and Conditions page. As an additional resource, we suggest calling a customer service representative at 1-866-654-7992 or 1-205-987-8352.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Southwest Water is a large umbrella corporation that runs many smaller water companies in rural areas. Each company will have different penalties and fees, depending on various factors. It is best to contact customer service for more information on penalty fees in your state. Customers can expect to pay:

  • Late payment fees: Added to your bill when you do not make payment on-time. Late payment fees will likely be added if payment is sent via mail but does not reach the processing department before the due date.
  • Collection fee: If customer service comes to your home to collect a past due bill, Southwest Water may charge a fee.
  • Reconnect fee: If service is disconnected for non-payment, Southwest will likely charge a fee for reconnection. Reconnect fees are often based on when the reconnect occurs with lower fees being charged during regular business hours and higher fees for night, weekend and holiday reconnects.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Southwest Water will work with customers having trouble making a water bill. Details on individual payment plans are available from your local Southwest Water company. Some companies may offer:

  • Extended due date
  • Payment plan
  • Budget billing
  • Information on local, state and federal assistance

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Southwest Water is a conglomerate in the water business. The umbrella company owns and operates more than 15 individual companies in the southwest. Does bigger always mean better or does Southwest Water drop the ball when customers need help?

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  1. why don’t they have a way to pay your bill at an H.E.B. or Wal-mart here in San Antonio,Tx. I don’t do on line pay bills and our mail in our area is always messed up. I and others alway get other peoples mail, so I have to take it to the post office which is further than Wal-mart or H.E.B. This company has always made it hard to pay a bill. I don,t use bank cards either so I don’t pay by phone. I read where you offer this service at these stores but I guess only in Houston. It should be offered at H.E.B. and Wal-mart on Potranco road for the service area you have in this area.(San Antonio) P.S. It’s water you service here.

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