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Sprint Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Sprint Bill

Sprint is one of the top cell phone companies in the United States. Sprint offers traditional cell phones and smartphones, including Nextel phones and walkie-talkies. Sprint offers accounts to both consumers and businesses.

How to Pay the Bill

There are four main options when it comes to paying your Sprint bill. The fastest of these options is online payment.

Pay online: You can register for online account access on the Sprint website. Once registered, you can pay your Sprint bill online at https://mysprint.sprint.com/mysprint/pages/sl/global/login.jsp?targetPage=HTTP%3A%2F%2Fmysprint.sprint.com%2Fmysprint%2Fpages%2Fsecure%2Fmyaccount%2FlandingPage.jsp%3FINTNAV%3DLEG%3AHE%3AMyAcct.

Pay by cell phone: Dial *3 from your cell phone to make a payment.

Pay by mail: Personal check and money order statements should include the account number associated with the cell phone. Send mail payments to:

PO Box 660075
Dallas, TX 75266-0075

Pay in store: Customers can visit a local Sprint store to make payment on their Sprint account. Not all cell phone stores accept cash payments and some that accept cash payments cannot provide change.

Pay Sprint With Billfloat

If you have an account with them, Billfloat will pay your bill and give you a 30-day extension to repay the debt.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Understanding your Sprint bill is important when trying to control expenses. Customers can read the Billing FAQs section for information on taxes, fees, credits and adjustments that may appear on their cell phone bill. The customer service phone number is 1-800-211-4727 for Sprint phones and 1-800-639-6111 for Nextel phones.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Sprint charges penalty fees to accounts when payments are past due or when payments are returned for insufficient funds.

  • Late payment fee: Highest percentage of the past due balance allowed by law in your state. Percentage will vary.
  • Early termination fee: Up to $350 for smartphones and advanced devices (per line). Up to $200 for traditional talk and text devices (per line).

I Can’t Make a Payment

Sprint offers optional cell phone service. There are no local, state or federal programs designed to help customers pay a Sprint bill. However, some states participate in the Lifeline program that helps customers pay for cell phone service from an approved vendor. Service does not include smartphones or other advanced devices and only small amount of minutes are included per month. The local office of the Department of Health and Human Services can help you apply for the Lifeline program.

For customers who do not qualify for the low-income Lifeline program, Sprint may work with you to place a past due account on a payment plan. Contact customer service for more information. The payment plan may preserve your active account status, but payments will need to be made in addition to current charges.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

What’s your Sprint story? Did the company work with you to pay off a past due balance?

Official Statement From Sprint Bill Pay Center:

1) Do you have procedures in place to work with customers who are behind on payments? What are they?

Yes, Sprint does provide a grace period as we make every attempt to notify the customer of any outstanding delinquency/balance on their account and we give them time, depending on each individual customer’s payment history, to remit payment before any interruption to service is made. We recommend customers call us immediately to avoid interruption of their wireless service if they are experiencing any issues with making a payment. In many cases we will work with a customer to customize and set up a temporary plan to resolve an outstanding balance.

2) What are the penalties and fees associated with missing a payment?

When a customer has an outstanding balance on his or her bill that is 30 or more days after the bill due date, a late fee is added to the account. Late fees range from 0% to 5% and vary by state.

3) What is best-case and worst-case non-payment resolution?

We understand that customers may from time to time have unexpected financial challenges that could possibly result in difficulties paying their Sprint bills. That is why we urge customers to call us immediately so that we may work out a payment arrangement. Should customers miss payments and do not contact us immediately so that we can try to work out an agreement to pay, they could face possible service interruption, reconnection fees and late fees. If an account goes severely past due, service can be cancelled (i.e., cellular phone number removed from the account) and the account could be turned over to a collection agency for further collection action, including reporting of the debt to the credit bureaus.

4) Anything else you’d like our readers to know about how your company addresses these concerns.

We offer a number of methods in which customers can remit payment: online, by dialing *3 from their Sprint phone to make an automated payment, or stopping by a Sprint store to make a payment.

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  1. i’m trying to clear up what look like a bill from sprint it has been over 6yr from what i can see on my credit report i do not have a phone number or a acct #to go by can u send me so info

  2. I owe 173.00 for this last month which Im lower income.Sprint is saying I have an overage of 73.00! My bill does not ever run but a 100.00 a month, nd thats too expensive for my pocket book for sure! Im very DISABLED nd lives on a very limited budget! That would break a rich person up! I needs a lower package deal or they want get any money from me or anybody else for sure! This is outragiously TOO EXPENSIVE FOR ANY PERSONS POCKET BOOK! Thank You Sprint for nothing, Yall area nothing but MONEY SCAMMERS GOODS WAY TO LOSE YOUR SO CALLED THIEVING COMPANY! Hope yall god broken for sure! Word of the MOUTH GOES A VERY LONG WAY! Yall area BIG RIP OFFS!!7etc.!

  3. i’m trying to clear up what look like a bill from sprint it has been over 3yr from what i can see on my credit report i do not have a phone number or a acct #to go by can u send me so info

  4. Hi, my dad can’t pay the bill this month. We both have smart phones, he’s trying to catch up on the morgage. If he called in, do you think they could work something out do we can keep our phones on?

  5. Recently, my service was cut for an overdue payment, of which Sprint customer service attempted to work with me to assure payment and keep my service on, however, I experienced a very unfortunate crisis where i could not meet the expectations, at that time. I am employed, I am able to work my way back to bringing my bill up to part, only in the increments of $50, eventhough my bill stands at $361. I thank you for your time and consideration.

  6. I’ve had nothing but ENORMOUS HELP with a variety of instances on my account with Sprint! They’ve truly gone above and beyond to help me get my bill back to normal. I HAVE NOT A SINGLE @ITCH ABOUT ANYTHING WITH SPRINT !!!

  7. I just have te money. My wife is not working because of a injury and a tumor that was just found we need phones l can try to make payments but sprint would not make the payments reasonable

  8. Hi my name is Carrie I’m asking for help to oay my sprint bill.I have been waiting on monies to come.to me I have not yet received them that is the only reason I was unable to pay my bill. I am asking billfloat to please help me with my bill , I really love. Being a sprint customer I I’m praying that I can get the help I need to keep my service with sprint. I will pay back the help I receive. Thank you, Carrie

    • Please I need Your help pay for my bill I am kind of behind on my payments and I am trying to keep up with it but I have other payments to pay for like my car payment and I am trying to keep my car and pay y’all too and I can’t do both i get pay every two weeks and my husband won’t help me at all I just need to pay the past due balance of $362.85 which I don’t have at this moment can u please help

  9. i need help to paid my phone bill am not able to make a payment. my past due is $379.23dollars please help me is really painful when you not able to keep up with you payments. thank you for you value time bill bloat.

    • I have an outstanding balance on my account I just lost my job and had to pay other bills and going through a seperation at this time not sure what to do since I need a phone to find a new job and only source of contact please help.

  10. I have a high bill with spirit because I had my little sister on my line and she was talking with her friend long distance and I was not aware she was talking to him through a computer. I just started working a new job and I don’t have the money.

  11. Iam the only one with a income at the present time,my wife broke her foot and her job does not pay workman comp. I am on disability and we just can not pay our bill right now. Please work with us!

  12. I am disable and my bill is a $1,000 dollars and that is over my limited. I am on Social Securitu disability and this is way over my limited.I want to pay them off cause of my credits.

  13. Hi. I just lost my job so that means I’m broke. And I need a phone for my 6year old daughter and that jobs can call me back.I need more time to come up with the rest of the money. Plz and thank u.

  14. Hi my name is Kelly and I am trying to find someone that could help me pay for my bill I have four children I have no job I live on Social Security for my son he has a bad heart and one long he’s ADHD and bipolar so I’m constantly getting phone calls from the doctors and the school to make sure that he is okay my ex-husband was supposed to help me pay half of the bill I haven’t received nothing please if there’s anyone out there that could help me pay for my bill I need my phone because now how are the doctors and teachers going to call me tomorrow without a phone so will you please from the heart of the Lord please help me thank you very much I do appreciate everything you guys have done thank you

  15. Please help…ive been a victim of a house fire..lost everything. ..my bill is very high..and if u can offer some help…any help..I would greatly appreciate it..so I can get back on track…with my bill…its the only thing left I have…is my phone…plz help

  16. I need some major help..I’m losing everything…I have no income and I’m not getting call backs on jobs I’ve interviewed for..I have 2 children and just became a grandmother I am not receiving any state assistance nor do I want too but will be trying soon if I don’t get a call back on another job I just interviewed for…i do need my phone for any callbacks I might get for jobs…i don’t know what to do I’m really worried and am trying to stay positive but so much is going wrong,i think depression might be setting in…can anyone help my family…

  17. I have four phones . I try to help my family out.in case something happens to there kids. There one person besides me helpping pay the bill. I lost my job n started a new job monday. I been making payments on my back bill. Need help n I been trying. I need my phone because I work n have taking care of my daughter by myself with out any help

  18. I owe 1082i been making payments . I just need help . If someone out there can help .I have a daughter . I need it I. Case something can help me out. I will not get paid until three weeks from now. If someone can help I appreciate so much thank u

  19. Hi my name is Gary and I am trying to find help with paying my bill. I am a stay home Dad watching my 3 1/2 year old daughter till she is ready to go to school. I have no income except my Girlfriend works. She barely makes ends meat. Where we live at, every time we renew our lease, they raise the rent. When they raise it , it is always $50-$60 more. Plus we just had to do repairs to our only transportation Which just cost us $80. And I am sure if I didn’t have the repairs to the car, that I could have paid on my Sprint bill, my phone would not be shut off now. Someone please help.

  20. I need help getting my past due bill fixed to where I can afford sirvises please help me with my sprint bill

  21. Hi sprint.i know owe u guy 26 dollars I know, can you put it on next months bill please? Let me know if it’s a yes or no thank u. i’ll be waiting

  22. i need help paying for my phone bill or more time my bill is 119.25 i dont have a job rigth now but am looking please help me .


  24. I need help with paying a Very Cery high cell phone bill, and I want to know can sprint help me, because I need my phone so I’m able to talk with my Dr.

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