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Starkville Electric

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Starkville Electric Bill

Starkville Electric is a small electric company servicing Starkville, Mississippi. The company does not offer any history of community service details on the official website. Customers are able to:

  • View bills
  • Make payments
  • Apply for levelized billing
  • Contact customer service

How to Pay Your Bill

Pay online: You can pay your Starkville Electric bill online by visiting Customers must register for online access to the Customer Portal before making an online payment.

Pay by bank draft: Starkville Electric customers can sign up for bank draft services. The bank draft is used to automatically debit a bank account each month on the due date. Access to an online account is required to sign up for this service.

Pay by phone: Customer service may take phone payments at 1-662-323-3113.

Pay by mail: Customers can make mail payments using the envelope included in their monthly bill. If the envelope is not available, please send the billing stub portion of the bill with payment to:

Starkville Electric Department
200 N Lafayette St
Starkville, MS 39759

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

There are no FAQs pages or customer service pages on the Starkville Electric website. Customers can contact the service department at 1-662-323-3113 for specific information on fees, including late payment fees and returned payment fees.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Starkville Electric offers various forms online and detailed customer service for account holders, but none of the penalty fees for the company are listed. We called customer service, but the agent could not tell us any information. She apologized several times for being unable to help.

I Can’t Make a Payment

The customer service agent we spoke with assured us there was a payment plan option for residents having trouble making a payment. She offered that each case was reviewed based on payment history and other factors, but she would not give us details on the payment plan.

There may be local, state and federal program available for Starkville Energy customers. Mississippi does have the LIHEAP program which provides energy assistance for low-income families. How to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP? The LIHEAP program requires families to meet certain income guidelines before applications are accepted. Information on LIHEAP is available at 1-800-421-0762.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Starkville Electric is a small energy company with very little information for customers wanting to learn the options for making their Starkville Electric bill on-time. Do you have experience with Starkville Electric? Did the company provide you with exemplary customer service and allow you to make payment arrangements for a past due bill? Let us know how you faired with the company.

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