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Straight Talk Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Straight Talk Bill

Straight Talk is a phone company offering cell phone service through Walmart Stores. Straight Talk is a no-contract cell service provider. Customers purchase the phone and pay for monthly service as desired. There are no credit checks and service can be started and stopped as needed. Talk, text, data and unlimited plans are available. Straight Talk does not bill the consumer for cell service unless the plan is placed on the auto refill plan.

How to Pay the Bill

Straight Talk phone plans are payable in various ways. Payment methods may vary based on the service location and type of plan associated with the phone.

Pay online: With any Straight Talk plan you can pay your Straight Talk bill online at Consumers simply log in to their online account and pay for the next month’s service. You can pay for service in advance and place the following month on reserve. When your current month expires, the reserved money is used to pay for the following month.

Pay with a Straight Talk card: Straight Talk cards are available at most Walmart Store locations. The cards have a PIN number on the back. From the Straight Talk website, enter your phone number and the PIN from the back of the card. The credit will be processed and added to your account.

Pay with a special service plan: Special unlimited service plans are available from Straight Talk. Special services plans bill for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance. Customers choosing the 12-month unlimited plan save about $40 a year.

Pay with auto-refill: Associate your Straight Talk phone with a funding method and each month your service will be renewed. If funds are not available for the renewal price, your bank may charge an overdraft fee and your Straight Talk service may be discontinued.

Questions About Your Billing Statement and Account?

Straight Talk charges no fees for service. The FAQs section discusses activation fees and credit check information. If you have additional questions, the customer service department is available at 1-877-430-2355.

How the Penalty Fees Work

There are no penalty fees associated with Straight Talk phones and plans. The customer pays for cell phone service in advance of the following month. If service fees are not paid, service will be discontinued until the plan is renewed.

The automatic payment option may be associated with bank penalty fees if money is not available in the bank account to cover the monthly charge.

I Can’t Make a Payment

If you can’t pay your Straight Talk bill you will lose phone service. Unlike traditional phone service, there are no local, state or federal agencies offering cell phone bill support for Straight Talk service. Some Straight Talk phones require data plans and others traditional talk and text plans. If you cannot pay for the data plan service, you may be able to choose a less expensive phone that requires only talk and text.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Tell us your Straight Talk phone story.

26 Comments on “Straight Talk Bill
  1. HI my name is Caitlin. I am having some problems comming up with the money for my phonebill at the moment. I would like my phone on now, but i wont have the money for it until after the holidays. Is there anyway i can have my phone activated?

  2. Hi my having issues with money. I’m a single mother with a 4 year old. I really need
    My phone account activated. I get paid on the 1st of every month. Ill pay a
    100.00 on the frist. Please help me.

    • smart Arse – if you had read the article regarding needing help with your bill you wouldn’t have left such an asinine comment. It is you who should step away from the Internet until YOU know what the fuck your talking about! You are a perfect example of a true moron!

  3. Your both idiots. If you could just go online and ask for money wouldn’t everyone do it? You both should step away from the computer and not use the internet again till you know what fuck your doing. Thank you.

  4. I am discontinuing my Straight Talk phone. Please do not take any more payments from my bank account. I became discouraged after 6 months of trying to get my phone calls and trying to pick up my voicemails. It was an issue with the locking system on the phone. It always locked and had to be unlocked and it didn’t allow me to get to my phone in time.

  5. My service has been cut off and my daughter paid my bill. I have poor eyesight and she takes care of my bills in fact she paid it ahead of time

  6. I have set here all afternoon trying to contact Straight Talk, by phone and the Internet, I think it’s funny that you can’t talk straight to anyone! how do I speak with customer service? I want to set up a auto-refill!

  7. My bank canceled my old credit card due to Home Depot breach. I need to know if my cc or checking acct is bein billed. If it is the cc then I need to give ya ll my new cc #. Pls let me know shortly. Thx sg

  8. i have a question, if my cell phone planes ends on the 30th of this month and i cant buy a refill card until the first of December will i lose the phone number that i have now? thank you for your time

  9. I want to make sure my autobill was changed to a new credit card and I want to know how to do it in the future online.

  10. I run out of service at midnight on may 12 2016 at midnight I am night able to pay until may 13 2016 at 3:15 Friday

  11. Im Stephanee I’m going to lose my cell phone service at midnight July 27th 2016.. I get paid on the 29th. My mom who lives in Las Vegas is dying and I need to stay in touch with my sister and I can’t pay my bill,until then…can you please help….

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