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Tacoma Public Utilities Bill

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Tacoma Public Utilities Bill

Tacoma Public Utilities provides a variety of services to customers in the Tacoma area, including electricity, water, and waste services. If you are experiencing difficulty making your payment on time, this information is designed to help you.

How To Pay The Bill

Tacoma Public Utilities offers the ability to pay your bill online, in person, through automatic bank draft, via the mail, through a PayBox and by phone.

  • To pay your Tacoma Public Utilities bill online go to: http://www.tacomaservices.org/. Create an account and use your credit or debit card or your bank account to process the payment.
  • To pay your bill in person: Visit the main office located at TPU Administration Building located at 3628 S. 35th St. in Tacoma, between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
  • To pay your bill through automatic bank draft: Visit http://www.tacomaservices.org/ and sign up for automatic payments.
  • To pay your bill through the U.S. mail: Mail your payment to:
    Tacoma Public Utilities
    PO Box 11007
    Tacoma, WA 98411
  • To pay your bill at a Paybox location, include a check or money order with your bill stub in an enevelope and drop it off at one of these pay box locations.
  • To pay your bill by phone: Call (253) 502-8608 and have your Visa or Mastercard and the last four digits of the account holder’s social security number ready.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If you have questions about fees and charges listed on your Tacoma Public Utilities bill, contact customer service at 1-252-502-8600. Rates are also listed on the official website for the power, water and public works departments.

How The Penalty Fees Work

Tacoma public utilities charge a late payment fee of $3 or 1% of the past due bill if your payment is not received by the due date. The due date is generally 10 days after the mailing date. Deposits are also charged for new service and may be charged for restoration of service after disconnection for non-payment. The deposit schedule is:

  • Electric heated home: $200
  • Electric heated apartment: $100
  • Non-electric heated home: $85
  • Non-electric heated apartment: $55
  • Water: $40

I Can’t Make A Payment

If for any reason you are unable to make your Tacoma Public Utilities payment on time, please call customer service at, as soon as possible. Payment arrangements can be made to extend the due date without service interruption. There are assistance programs available for low-income families who need help making their payments. Customer service will be able to provide details of these programs and help determine if you may qualify.

There is also a budget billing plan that will help you by evening out your monthly payments so you can budget better. Instead of receiving your actual bill every two months, you will receive an average bill every month.

While payment plans and budget billing are enough for some Tacoma Public Utilities customers, others need more help. The LIHEAP Home Energy Assistance Program is designed for low-income people who need extra help. The program is income-based.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

If you have experience dealing with Tacoma Public Utilities and past due bills, please let us know how the company helped you, so that our readers may learn you’re your experience.

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  1. I am a Washington state resident. Does this only apply to Alabama. I am unemployed, seeking work everyday, unable to pay any bills. We have a family of 2. Both of us have run out of unemployment. We have 0.$ income. How can we get help?

  2. The phone number on your website for queries on a bill goes to a recording that says its a non-working number. rather frustrating.

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