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Time Warner Cable Bill

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Time Warner Cable Bill

Time Warner Cable is a cable company providing cable television, high speed Internet, and digital telephone services. The company offers service bundles, many at locked in, introductory rates which come with a significant price increase at the end of the promotional period.

How To Pay The Bill

Time Warner Cable allows you to pay your bill online, by mail, and over the phone. You can choose to receive a paper bill in the mail or an electronic bill in your email box. Payment locations for in person payments may also be available, depending on your location. You can find these online. No discounts are available for low-income customers. Certain service areas may have discounts available for senior citizens to make phone service more cost effective.

To make your Time Warner payment online visit http://myservices.timewarnercable.com/. From here, you can elect to make a one-time payment, or to set up automatic recurring payments.

For phone payments, Time Warner Cable customers should dial the customer service telephone number for their billing area. This information will be on your bill, and you can find it on the Time Warner Cable website. Attempting to call the wrong customer service number from the wrong service area may not go through.

To make your payment by mail, send the payment stub from your bill with a check or money order to the address listed on your bill. Include your account number in the memo line on your check or money order.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Support pages for Time Warner Cable are based on the service location. Customers may be able to find information on fees and service charges on the support page. If your question is not answered, contact customer support at 1-330-572-4008.

How The Penalty Fees Work

There will be a fee for late payments and for returned checks. For more information on the amounts of these fees, you will need to contact your local office, as this information was not released to non-customers when we contacted customer service.

I Can’t Make A Payment

There were no details of a payment arrangement option listed on the Time Warner Cable website. While there may be a payment arrangement option available for customers, this information was not provided to us as we do not have a current Time Warner Cable account. Services are billed one month in advance, so you should be able to keep services on until you are more than 30 days past due.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

Have you ever had a past due bill with Time Warner Cable? How did they help you resolve it? Share the experience with us below so other readers can learn from it.

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7 Comments on “Time Warner Cable Bill
  1. I have been with time warner for almost a year now and still never received a bill, paper or email, despite numerous complaints, all I ever get is bill collectors calling saying I’m past due. The customer service for this company is horrible.

  2. Time warner cable is th e biggest rip ive ever dealt with there sales operators are nothing more than liars, and cheats. when u have a problem it never gets resolved. They are awful.

  3. I think TWC is a super customer service company. I had gotten behind on my bill and I called them for assistance. I asked to downgrade my service to something I could afford. The Rep. adjusted my bill to one of the specials they were offering to New customers. My bill was adjusted down $50 and I did not loose any of my current services. All you have to do is ask, they will help.

  4. I have time Warner cable and it is the worst company to have …i want to switch companies..i do not recommend time Warner ever to anyone

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