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United Illuminating Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your United Illuminating Bill

United Illuminating is an electric company headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut. The company is quite open about bill pay options and options for customers having trouble paying their electric bill. The best, first option when you are facing service interruption for non-payment is to contact the service department.

How to Pay the Bill

If your payment due date is fast approaching, it is best to contact customer service or make payment in-person. Mailing payments close to the due date can lead to late payment fees and possible interruption of service.

Pay online: You can pay your United Illuminating bill online without registering for an account at http://www.uinet.com/wps/portal/uinet/customercare/!ut/p/c5/vY_NcoIwFIWfxQeoCUkUXCKgRgMaglHZOOBQChXF4g_k6Uu7stNpu3F6z_Kec79zQQhaHaJrlkbn7HiI9mANwv6WzenYtXRqUsl7kBKK-Ny3NGhoYAXWkGxF3pRUvSo_V1wFaonF2_LmOnvmxjsoHI0FTLpiCZWIOfRyDgM19aAx0OSIO-YkE_Gp6rSszT1L9EnLckw9oB4ca-jPJuFXx_f8xx7-MCYEGxDqd_n5wG7zAafc0DXoYRA88NdfWSP4jyz0UNYUhFlcdG-7ogu7PUKwgQhEECFEcB-s5K6q7cpNbcf2TyqzayNKkt6sGDejVXrjG0csLF16ch1PB4vkEPDqfJGlThuG8Tyqy0F54qoOVCqbU1xlsYuS3GKstc88_GaQXOqUrXid0OH1BRXCOvfk0_MCX8bn2iQRsooLdeIpytpLl3SIcdTsgDc5Fgkoiyvr-4b2KZx23gE2Itbn/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?pcid=67e72e804fd790efae9def4a93117b5f. This service requires customers pay a fee of $3.95 per payment. If you wish to skip the fee you can register for online account access and pay through your online account.

Pay by phone: Phone payments are accepted through an automated service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can call 1-800-676-7052 to make a payment.

Pay by mail: Payments by mail should be made by personal check or money order. Send payments to:

United Illuminating Company
PO Box 9230
Chelsea, MA 02150-9230

Pay in person: In person payment centers are located throughout the coverage area. Contact 1-800-676-7052 for a location near you.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Every once in a while you may find unusual fees or charges on your utility bills. If you have questions about your United Illuminating bill, contact the customer service department at 1-800-676-7052. You can also visit the Terms and Conditions or Service Charges pages for more information on charges and late fees.

How the Penalty Fees Work

United Illuminating will charge your account with fees if you don’t make payment on-time.

  • Late payment fee: 1.25% of the past due balance per month.
  • Returned check fee: $15.10 per returned payment.
  • Reconnect fees: Ranging from $16 to $58, depending on the circumstances.

I Can’t Make a Payment

If you can’t make your bill payment, contact the collections department at 1-800-442-5004. The service representatives will speak with you about payment options.

  • Payment arrangements: You can set up a payment arrangement through the automated phone system at 1-800-676-7052. Your account must be at least 30 days past the due date and you must pay a down payment on the day the payment arrangement is setup. You can only enter into two arrangement agreements within a one year period.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

How did United Illuminating ease your stress regarding your past due balance?

5 Comments on “United Illuminating Bill
  1. i sent a payment to chelsea ma by mail andit was a money order and i was told you would receive it by monday 6/ 2/2014 so i am desperate because i have a shut off date of 6/5/2014 and my payment has not been processed yet so i need my payment processed asap so i wont lose my electricity.

  2. I was told I could pay $100.00. I sent in $100.00 on 8/5 and I received a shutoff notice. I called your office again and was told that I have to pay $178.00 which I did on 8/15 and today 9/12 I received another shutoff notice. The new notice does not show any of my payments. Please help.

  3. We are currently paying 3 ui bills. our 1st fl.apt., the home meter and our 3rd. fl. tenants bill(he moved out a few months ago). I called UI to pay our bill and the 3rd fl. bill and they said we had over a $200 bal. on the home meter. we didn’t even realize we weren’t getting the bill in the mail. They said someone pushed paperless billing online which neither me nor my husband did because we do not care for that. We like to see the bill before we pay it. I need paper billing on this act. ASAP. The bill might be under the name David Abrantes, my husbands name. iIwas told to go on uinet.org to switch over to paper billing but every time I put in my username and password it says its wrong and then it says it will email me a password and it never does. Please help with this situation so we don’t fall so far behind again. Thank You, Jamie

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