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Western Massachusetts Electric Company Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Western Massachusetts Electric Company Bill

Western Massachusetts Electric Company is an electric company that commits itself to the customer. The company currently provides excellent customer service and low prices to more than 200,000 customers in western Massachusetts.

How to Pay the Bill

Customers have several options to pay your monthly Western Massachusetts Electric Company bill. The available options allow customers to make payments using your credit or debit cards, cash, electronic check or deduct the funds from your checking or savings account.

Pay online: Customer can pay your Western Massachusetts Electric Company bill online by visiting https://www.wmeco.com/security/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fcustomer%2fmanageaccount%2febillview.aspx%3fADGROUP%3dt749m%252b4vvp26eD7MOLDHMCL3L0ZbGRwFEtfJeKZKj8c%253d&ADGROUP=t749m%2b4vvp26eD7MOLDHMCL3L0ZbGRwFEtfJeKZKj8c%3d.

Pay stations: Customers can pay your Western Massachusetts Electric Company bill by visiting an authorized pay station. The locations are available on the website and charge a convenience fee of $2.50.

Pay by mail: Customers can pay your Western Massachusetts Electric Company bill by mailing payment to:

Western Massachusetts Electric Company
P.O. Box 150494
Hartford, CT 06115-0494

Automatic deduction: You can schedule your payment from your checking or savings account on monthly basis. This reduces the chance of added late payment fees.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Customers receive your monthly billing statement or account, but do you always understand all of the fees? When you notice fees such as security deposits, reconnection fees, membership fees and returned check fees that need explaining, we recommend you visit the Western Massachusetts Electric Company Customer Resource page. You can also contact customer service at 1-877-659-6326 for additional details about the fees assessed to your billing statement or account.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Western Massachusetts Electric Company is similar to other utility companies; they charge fees on a monthly as well as on a non-recurring basis. The fees are added to your current charges. The fees include:

  • Service calls – $33 for each employee that visits your residence for 30 minutes of work. After 30 minutes, the fee increases to $14 per employee, at 15 minute increments.
  • Reconnection – $30 to $120, depending on your current rate plan
  • Returned check – $7 per instance
  • Membership – $300 per year
  • Security deposit – The equivalent to two months worth or electric service

I Can’t Make a Payment

When customers are faced with financial hardships, Western Massachusetts Electric Company is ready to help. Whether the assistance programs are available through the company or an outside company, Western Massachusetts Electric Company has the information you need. The available resources include:

  • Financial hardship assistance
  • NUStart
  • Payment arrangements
  • Residential discounts

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

What was your experience dealing with a customer centered company such as the Western Massachusetts Electric Company? When you needed assistance that most, did the company help you out of your financial crisis and help you pay your bill? We want to hear real life experiences for customers just like you. Share your thoughts and leave us a comment below.

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  1. i cant pay because my ssi check is not suficent for pay my rent and electric bills i got a shutoff notice and my health and other itshues need the services i scare for the desconection of my service what i do now please help me whit my payment

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