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Wisconsin Energy Corporation Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Wisconsin Energy Corporation Bill

Wisconsin Energy Corporation is an umbrella utilities company that provides natural gas and electricity to thousands of customers in Michigan and Wisconsin. The subsidiaries of Wisconsin Energy Corporation include:

  • We Energies
  • Wisconsin Electric Power Company
  • Wisconsin Gas LLC Utilities
  • WE Power LLC

How to Pay the Bill

Wisconsin Energy Corporation provides several quick, easy and convenient methods for customers to pay your monthly bill. The available service allow you to make payments using your credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks and direct deduction from your checking or savings account. The available options include:

Pay online: Customers can pay your Wisconsin Energy Corporation bill online by visiting https://www.we-energies.com/myaccount/HttpPublic?url=public/getUserIdentification.

Automatic deduction: Customer can ensure your monthly bill payment arrives in a timely manner by scheduling funds to deduct from your checking or savings account.

Pay by mail: You can send your bill payment to:

Wisconsin Energy Corporation
P.O. Box 2046
Milwaukie, WI 53201

Pay in person: Another convenient method to pay your bill is to visit the following location:

Wisconsin Energy Corporation
231 W. Michigan St.
Milwaukie, WI 53203

Pay by phone: You have the ability to pay your bill by calling customer service at 800-662-4797. You may incur a small convenience fee when paying your bill by phone.

Third-party locations: You can pay your monthly bill at several MoneyGram or CheckFreePay locations. You will incur a service charge ranging between $1 and $2.15.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

When you received your monthly billing statement or account, do you understand all of the service charges or fees, including late payment fees, security deposits, connection, reconnection or disconnection fees? If you need your billing statement or account explained, we recommend visiting the Wisconsin Energy Corporation Customer Resource page. You can also contact customer service at 800-662-4797.

How the Penalty Fees Work

On a monthly or non-recurring basis, you may notice service charges or fees added to your billing statement or account. The fees include:

  • Insufficient funds – $24
  • Late payment – 1% to 1.5% of the past due amount
  • Security deposit – depends on the credit history of the customer

I Can’t Make a Payment

When you are faced with a financial crisis, Wisconsin Energy Corporation provides several programs designed to help you pay your bill. The services include:

  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
  • LIHEAP Wisconsin
  • Cold Weather Disconnection Rules

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

When you were faced with a financial hardship, did Wisconsin Energy Corporation help you pay your bill? The majority of utility companies provide assistance to those in need. We want to hear from customers just like you. Share your positive or negative thoughts with us. Leave us a comment below.

One comment on “Wisconsin Energy Corporation Bill
  1. Did I get help with my bill when we were in financial hardship? NO instead I cried on the phone begging to not be shut off and then one small miscommunication got me disconnected and a fee for that because I wasn’t having a hard enough time soets charge me to reconnect it to, then maybe 2 months after that they disconnected me again and charged me again. They don’t care about anything but getting their money.

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