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Zales Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Zales Bill

Zales is a jewelry company offering the Diamond Card. The department store card can be used at any Zales location. Customers can fill out a short online application for credit or apply in-store. Credit card debt is one of the largest debt categories in the United States. Paying credit card bills past the due date leads to late charges, over the limit fees and loss of charging privileges.

How to Pay the Bill

Zales offers several easy options for making your Zales Diamond Card payment. If your account is past due, it is best to contact the customer service department at 1-800-586-6923 to talk with a Zales credit representative. Making a payment by mail is the worst option when your account is already past due.

Pay online: You can pay your Zales bill online at Customers must register for online account access before making payment, requesting credit line increases and viewing bill statements.

Pay by mail: Customers can send personal check and money order payments to:

Zales Credit Plan
Processing Center
Des Moines, IA 50364-0001

Pay by phone: The customer service phone number for Zales is 1-800-586-6923.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Zales lists all fees and service charges associated with a Zales credit account in the Terms and Conditions, including transactions fees, penalty fees and late payment fees. Specific questions can be answered by customer service at 1-800-586-6923.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Zales charges penalties and late fees if customers do not make payments on-time.

  • Late payment fee: Up to $35 per late payment
  • Returned payment fee: Up to $35 per returned payment
  • Minimum interest charge: $2
  • Cash advance fee: $10 or 5% of the total cash advance
  • Promotional fee: $9.95 per promotion
  • APR: 28.99% on purchases and 29.95% on cash advances

I Can’t Make a Payment

Zales is a high-interest store credit card. The company is not as flexible as utility companies and other billers. We did find out from customer service that Zales is willing to work with customers to resolve past due balances, but details were not available unless we were Zales credit customers. Credit card payments are typically smaller than the total, so customers are essentially already on a payment plan. There is a good chance Zales will charge late payment fees if a customer misses a payment. In addition, the Zales account may be closed to future purchases.

Will They Work With Me to Make a Payment?

Yes, Zales claims they will work with customers having trouble making a payment on-time, but we’re not sure how well the customer service department does in real life. Do you have experience with Zales credit? Did they work with you when you experienced financial trouble and could not make a payment?

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One comment on “Zales Bill
  1. I bought a Diamand 10/25/14 made over are payment limit every month could u please work with me take that interest off that you charge to us cause we didnt have it paid off we always made are payment on time and made more then what the amount was for please!!!!! I also bought my love wedding band from you for $820.93 paid cash on 5/9/15 ….you charge us over (990.34)ln Interest for not get it paid

    Kayme (Melby) Emery

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