Can’t Pay Your Bill Online? Find Help Here

There are many circumstances that can lead to not being able to pay bills

There is also an undeniable social stigma involved in being unable to pay a bill, and this website was founded as a support forum for people who, for whatever reason, find themselves in this uncomfortable situation. If you find yourself saying, “I can’t pay my phone bill” or “I can’t pay my electric bill” this website is for you. Credit card bills and utility bills add up, and unexpected expenses can often mean that you find yourself short on free cash, even if you had mapped out your finances in advance.

Managing overdue bills – So, if you’ve fallen behind, how do you go about paying overdue bills? Icantpaymybill.com offers an extensive research database and learning center for how to pay off bills and repair credit. We invite you to browse our library of bill paying tips and guides, and we’re confident that you’ll find a helpful resource that will allow you to get out of debt quickly and efficiently, and to get back to financial stability. Whether it’s credit-lending department stores like a Wal-Mart bill, a grocery store bill, or a Macy’s bill, or a utility bill like your phone bills, heating bills, or electric bills, this website has researched the best ways to pay, the worst possible outcome (creditors calling, repossession), and how other people who couldn’t pay that particular bill have dealt with the problem.

Contact your creditors – Many people who can’t pay a bill will instinctively begin dodging calls and invoices, and ignoring them. This shutdown is not healthy. Instead, typically, we recommend the direct approach—actually contact the company—and you’ll see we have tried to provide contact information for the accounts receivable department of many major businesses. You’ll be surprised, often companies will work with you to actually help pay bills, since they would rather get some money than no money at all. We’ve put together a great collection of bill paying strategies that we think anyone who has fallen behind with payments should read and execute on.

Pay Your Car /Auto Loans – information on dealing with car and auto loan providers

Car Insurance Payments – how to deal with your car insurance carrier if you are falling behind

Pay Cable Bills – what to do when you cant pay your cable bills

Electric / Power Company Bills – help if you are unable to pay the power company

Grocery Store Bills – find out what to when you are behind on grocery store credit

Pay Phone Company Bills – what you can do when you cant pay your phone company

Mortage Company Bills – information on specific lendors and their policies for late payments

If you find this website helpful, please let us know. Also, please contribute by sharing any experiences, successful or not, you’ve had paying your bills. Our aim is to build an open community where people who feel overwhelmed by bills can come to share experiences, talk about what’s worked and what hasn’t, and ultimately find a solid bill paying solution. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ihave a friend who has not got up since she got out of the hospital last year in july she goes to churches & THE FOOD STAMP offices can give you places to go for help also. good luck hope things get better!!!

  2. I recently broke my foot and will be out of work for at least 3 weeks. I will not be able to pay my rent and utility bills.I would greatly appreciate any help with these necessities.