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Ameren Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Ameren Bill

Ameren is an electric company and gas company serving Illinois and Missouri. The company lists rates, fees, tariffs and online payment information on the official websites for each entity. If you are an Ameren customer, you’ll need to register for online account access on the company website located in your state.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online Ameren Illinois: You can pay your Ameren bill online in Illinois at

Pay online Ameren Missouri: You can pay your Ameren bill online in Missouri at

Pay through Speedpay in Illinois: You can use the Speedpay service to make a payment by phone with a credit card or electronic check. Call 1-888-777-3108 to make a payment. There is a $2.75 fee for using the Speedpay service.

Pay through Speedpay in Missouri: The Speedpay option is also available to Ameren Missouri customers. The fee for making phone payments is $2.75. Customers can call Speedpay at 1-866-268-3729.

Pay by mail in Illinois: Ameren Illinois customers can send personal check and money order payments with the account stub or account number to:

Ameren Illinois
PO Box 66884
St. Louis, MO 63166-6884

Pay by mail in Missouri: Ameren Missouri customers can send payment with the account number to:

Ameren Missouri
PO Box 66529
St. Louis, MO 63166-6529

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If you have questions about the fees listed on your Ameren bill, you can view the rates and tariffs documents for your company online. The documents for Illinois are located on the Residential Rates page for the Ameren Illinois company. The documents for Missouri are located on the Residential Rates page for the Ameren Missouri company. Customer service is also available to answer questions at 1-800-755-5000 in Illinois and 1-800-552-7583 in Missouri.

How the Penalty Fees Work

  • Late payment fee Illinois Electric and Gas: 1.5% of the past due balance
  • Insufficient funds Illinois Electric and Gas: $15 per returned payment
  • Reconnect Illinois Electric and Gas: $15 during normal business hours; $50 after hours; $400 for physical reconnection of gas services
  • Returned check charge Missouri Electric and Gas: $10 per returned payment
  • Reconnect fee Missouri Electric: $30
  • Reconnect fee Missouri Gas: $70

I Can’t Make a Payment

Many states have utility payment help in place for residents meeting low income requirements. Contact your local Department of Human Services for a list of local agencies or an application for federal aid.

If you cannot pay your Ameren bill, contact the customer service department for a payment arrangement.

Programs listed on the Ameren websites include:

  • DollarMore: Program available for residents of Missouri.
  • Warm Neighbors Cool Friends: Program available for residents of Illinois.

LIHEAP makes it easier for you to pay your heating and cooling bills. The program supplies money to all 50 states to disburse to qualified applicants. If you are low-income, you can learn how to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP and ease your energy bills.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

It looks like Ameren has programs in place to help customers stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. None of the programs will work, however, if the customer does not contact the service department for a payment plan or information on available programs. Did Ameren work with you to resolve a past due bill.

6 Comments on “Ameren Bill
  1. I mailed a $95 money order to Ameren of Illinos on April 13th and now we are getting a disconnetion notice today, what can i do if i made a partial payment and it tells me that i need to pay $232, i do have a recpeit showing i bought the money order. What can i do know?

  2. i can not get my power shut off in the morning im on a breathing machain and also am trying to set up payment plan plase call me as soon aS YOU CAN PLEASE THANK YOU mISS trACY cHEEK

  3. My Husband had a terrible accident at work on a forklift. He has beentry to work with us,Ihope you get thiif there see if u can d off of work and in the hospital for the past 3 weeks, without pay we are try we are trying our best to keep up with bills as best as we can. I don’t work either due to health problems. We are just trying to make it by especially with our son going off to High School. Could you please see if there is a buget billing plan. We are in dire straights. Sincerely Tracey L. Unterreine

  4. our bill I due on the 10th and its the 7th today. We can’t pay the bill until the 26th. I would love if the power can stay on. I have a daughter and I wouldn’t want her in the dark. I just got out on my own and I’m a single mother still going to highschool. I would appreciate so much if we can work something out. Thank you.

  5. Have a disconnect notice for tomorrow. Daughter paid half the bills but lost her job due to medical condition. I fell further and further behind and have bankruptcy appt. tomorrow. Grandson takes treatments for asthma. Feel terrible and depressed that I couldn’t get this bill paid. Had to move in April and since then everything has gone downhill for us. Get paid 1st week in September and can make a partial payment then but not until. Scared and worried sick. Any chance I could get help. If not at least a prayer! Hopefully soon daughter will get to go back to working and things will get better but for now it isn’t good for us financially.

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