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BB&T Auto Loan Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your BB&T Auto Loan Bill

BB&T is a bank that offers auto loans to customers and non-customers. In most cases, if auto loan applications are received from non-customers, the bank will require the applicant open an account where money can be deposited for auto loan payments. This ensures the bank always receives their money and the customer never has to worry about making a late payment. BB&T may or may not require an in-house account when an auto application is approved. If they do require an account, they may also require the auto loan recipient use direct deposit for the account.

How to Pay the Bill

Your auto loan bill due date will be discussed when you purchase your vehicle. BB&T has nothing to do with this part of the auto loan. However, when you sign your purchase paperwork, BB&T Auto Loan places a lien on that vehicle until the total balance owed is paid off. Your due date will not move from month to month and, in most cases, your auto loan payment will stay the same for the life of the loan.

There are multiple options for paying your auto loan from BB&T.

Pay online: If you setup a bank account with BB&T when you purchased your automobile, you can pay your BB&T auto loan online at Your auto loan account should be listed in your online bank account.

Pay by mail: If you receive a coupon from BB&T, mail your personal check or money order payment to the address listed on the bill. There are BB&T locations all over the United States and multiple bill mailing addresses.

Pay by phone: A customer service representative for BB&T Auto Loan may be able to take your payment by phone. Call 1-800-226-5228 with your account number and payment method to pay your auto loan bill.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

At times your auto loan billing statement can be confusing. If you have questions about your auto loan, contact BB&T customer service at 1-800-226-5228. You can also view the FAQs section to learn more about BB&T, auto loans and online banking.

How the Penalty Fees Work

If you don’t live up to the terms and conditions of your auto loan, you will be required to pay penalty fees. Unfortunately, those fees are not listed on the main BB&T website. Most of the time the fees are listed in the terms and conditions of the auto loan when paperwork is signed. There may also be reference to the penalty fees, including late payment fees and returned check fees.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Most banks are willing to work with customers having temporary financial troubles making auto loan payments. Contact BB&T customer service at 1-800-226-5228 for more information on alternative payment plans, skipping payments and moving the due date of your auto loan, if applicable.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We need your story about BB&T auto loans and how past due accounts are handled by this bank. Customer service horror stories are available on many consumer websites about BB&T and penalty fees charged to customers. Was your experience good or bad?

14 Comments on “BB&T Auto Loan Bill
  1. What is the fax number I can use to send a form to register my vehicle in Maryland? You currently hold the Virginia title to said vehicle.

  2. This is the worst company ever to pay my car payment!!!! I have
    Trouble every month trying to pay on line. I would NEVER suggest this
    Place to anyone been on hold for over 15 minutes trying to pay!!!

  3. BB&T is becoming the worst bank I’ve ever had to deal with over an auto loan, let me explain why… I have a 10 day grace period, & it just so happens that this month I needed those ten days. Well, when I got the full amount of money, I immediately went to the nearest BB&T branch to pay, they were already closed. So then, I figured “no problem, I’ll pay them online before midnight or I’ll use Western Union Speedy Pay to send off (wire) my payment to them before midnight like most businesses allow you to do, but not this one! I’ve spent hours online trying to find a way to pay them – no luck! I even tried calling their 24 hour “hotline” & again, no luck! So if you ever think that a day will come where you might have to make a last minute payment (use your full grace period), BB&T is NOT the bank for you, it’s as if they want you to be late, just so they can make a few extra dollars!

  4. I have two loans with you all and everything is great until this one time. I have been hung up on multiple times and have been calling a ridiculous amount of times for a resolution over something your call center rep messed up on. I will never do business with you all after these loans are paid off. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced and I work in a call center. Absolutely horrible.

  5. BEWARE!!!! if your applying for an auto loan, do your research before using BB&T. The wabpage is a POS, and the call centers are worst. I would have rather paid 5.99% interest with Ford Credit and been able to make my payments 100% easier online. They required me to setup an account, make a deposit to set it up, than when I tried to login, the damn thing said ” incorrect username and password. Funny thing is, i know its correct as i make my Mac save my login’s. Never in my life, have i had such a problem and really want to get rid of my new car, just do i dont have to deal with an asshole place like this. You want buisness, fix your crap sites to let folks pay their damn bills!

  6. Very sad. Can’t get a operator on the line to make a car payment. It takes at least an hour each time I wanna make payment to get it done. Waste of time and effort.

  7. BB&T is the WORST bank EVER to ask for help if you can’t pay your car payment. They did NOT try to help and I answered all their questions on WHY I needed to skip a payment month. The customer service representative just kept putting all my reasons down…even death in the family. WoW!!! This is how they CARE about their customers?! I won’t be calling and asking if I didn’t REALLY need to skip that month and to have them not even try to help….what is one month when they were allowing customer’s to skip December’s payment for the holidays (2015 & 2016)…can’t wait to be RID of them in a couple months.

  8. Ive never had a problem with bbt. Its always easy to call and make my payment. Its always through a rcoreded machine never a real person. I was once 2 months behind and they were going to send my bill to collections, I called and was on hold for maybe 3 minutes they told me exactly ehat I needed to do to get it back to normal. And to answer mary sues comment. They probably wont let you skip JAN. When they just let us skip our DEC. Payment

  9. I am trying to pay my note. However, I lost my statement and do not have the mailing address or loan number. As a result I cannot even gain access to phone system
    I need to know how to speak to a representative or else I will have to wait until a notice shows in mail.

  10. How can I pay my car note over the phone. I call most branches at 12:30 pm that said on line that they was open until 1 or 2 pm one did answer but said that their computer was down.

  11. I have had no problems with BB&T. I have had my car loan over a year. The only negative I have is that it is a challenge to pay your bill online. Just not user friendly enough I’d you don’t have an account with them.

  12. How do you setup autopay for my monthly car payment? If you need a website designer, please contact me. In the meantime, please tell me how to set this up.

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