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BB&T Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your BB&T Bill

BB&T is a bank offering online banking, e-bills and online bill pay. Customers can choose to schedule payments in advance, schedule recurring payments or make one-time payments. Some billers may offer e-bill services through BB&T so your monthly bills appear in your online bank account. Customers must have an account with BB&T to use the online bill pay option.

How to Pay the Bill

BB&T works with billers across the United States. Some billers offer e-bills send directly to your online banking account. E-bills often replace paper bills so you must check your online bank account often unless you schedule emails when new bills arrive.

Pay online: You can pay your BB&T bill online at If you don’t have an account with BB&T, you’ll need to apply for an account before accessing the online bill payment services.

Pay a one-time bill: From your online bill payment screen, search for the biller. If biller information is available, click the biller name to add the company to your online bill payment list. From there, you can make a one-time payment to the biller. You must include the account number with your payment. If the biller is not on the list, you can add the biller name, address and account number. BB&T will send a payment check to the address. Mailed payments take longer to arrive than electronic payments.

Pay a recurring bill: You can set-up a recurring payment option from your BB&T bill pay account. Recurring payments are sent automatically. If money is not available to make payment, you could be charged an insufficient funds fee.

Pay e-bills: When a new e-bill arrives, simply click on the e-bill and choose the payment option. You can choose to pay the full amount or designate a different amount. BB&T is not responsible for late payment fees associated with underpayment.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If your account has fees you do not understand, including insufficient funds fees, overdraft fees and returned payment fees, we suggest you visit the official BB&T FAQs resource page. You can also contact customer service at 1-800-226-5228 for additional information regarding your billing statement or account.

How the Penalty Fees Work

If you overdraw your account, BB&T will charge an insufficient funds fee. Any payments presented after your account is overdrawn will be subject to an additional fee.

If you schedule a payment per the BB&T bill pay guidelines and the payment is not delivered on the date designated, you could be eligible for a reimbursement to cover the late payment fee. BB&T will repay up to $50 in late payment fees.

I Can’t Pay My Bill

BB&T offers bill payment services as a convenience for customers. The company does not offer payment plan options. If you are unable to make a payment to a biller, you must contact the biller directly.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

BB&T will not work with you to pay your bill, but they will work with you if there are overdraft charges on your account, if the fees are added in error. You must contact customer service at 1-800-226-5228 to speak with customer service.

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  1. I can’t figure out from my bank statement whether my May payment has gone through or was I short in my checking account. if you could please tell me where I stand, I will make the proper adjustments. Thank you for your understanding. Regards Pam Bayne

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