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What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your BJ’s Bill

Like almost every contemporary American company, the wholesale store BJ’s offers customers a credit program with a BJ’s Visa card. The initial sign-up charge is $50, and any additional cards cost only $25 each. BJ’s offers many deals, rewards, and, and features to their cardholders. First, BJ’s cardholders receive rewards points as part of BJ’s bonus package- two points for every $1 spent at BJ’s and $1 at other stores that accept Visa. Every 3000 points earns the cardholder $30 in BJ’s store credit. Another attractive feature is the fact that there is no annual fee on the card. BJ’s also offers additional points on their specials and promotions available only to owners of a BJ’s Visa card.

There are three “levels” of BJ’s cards: Inner Circle, Business, and Rewards. Inner Circle is the most basic level, offering limited bonuses and promotions. BJ’s Business membership is a slight upgrade aimed specifically at business owners. The main advantages of a business membership are tax exemptions and resale privileges. Both of these cards carry a membership cost of $50, but the highest level, BJ’s Rewards Visa card, costs $90. However, it offers many more features, including 2% payback and a $20 discount on eyeglasses at BJ’s.

It is also important to note that, n order for your account to remain active, you must make at least one purchase at BJ’s every six months.

How To Pay Your Bill

There are several options for paying your BJ’s Visa card bill. Somewhat surprisingly, you cannot make an online payment through BJ’s own website. Instead, online payments are handled by the website of Barclay’s Bank since All BJ’s cards are used in conjunction with this bank. You can pay your BJ’s bill online by logging in here:

Obviously, you can also pay your bill via check or money order. These must be sent to the mailing address listed on the bill.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Customers can view details about late payment fees, returned payment fees and APRs through the Terms and Conditions page from Barclays US, the backing bank for the BJ’s credit card. Customer service may be able to answer any additional questions at 1-800-BJS-CLUB.

How The Penalty Fees Work

There are small fees – up to $35- for both late payments and returned payments. Barclay’s also has the right to end introductory APR and impose a penalty APR after a late payment. However, there is no penalty for going over the credit line.

I Can’t Make A Payment

We called BJ’s membership service and were referred to Barclay’s, but were still not able to get any information on payment assistance.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

Have you had experience paying off a BJ’s card in the past? Let us know! There is currently no information available about customers who have needed help making their payments.

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