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Bon Ton Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Bon Ton Bill

Bon Ton is a fashion retail store that began operations in the late 1890’s in York, Pennsylvania. The company currently has 275 retail locations across 23 states as well as a strong online presence. The company began credit cards services that were eventually bought out by financial powerhouse, HSBC. Bon Ton offers a reward system for customers that use your credit card on a regular basis.

  • Classic membership
  • Signature membership
  • Signature Select membership
  • Elite membership

How to Pay the Bill

Bon Ton only offers a few options for customers to pay your bill. The available options include online payments, phone payments, mail payments and in-person payments. The acceptable methods of payment include credit cards, debit cards, check, money order, electronic check and automatic deduction from your checking or savings account.

Pay online: Customers can pay your Bon Ton bill online by visiting The service is free and only requires you to register on the Bon Ton website.

Pay by phone: Customers can pay your Bon Ton bill by calling customer service at 1-888-385-8916. There is no convenience fees associated with this service.

Pay by mail: Customers can pay your Bon Ton bill by sending payment to:

HSBC Card Services
P.O. Box 49352
San Jose, CA 95161-9352


HSBC Card Services
ATTN: Exception Department
1301 E. Tower Rd.
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Pay in person: Customers can pay your Bon Ton bill at your local store. The complete list of store is available on the Bon Ton website.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If you have questions about the fees included on your billing statement or account, including, interest charges, finance charges and late payment fees, we recommend you visit the Bon Ton FAQ page. You can also find out more information regarding your Bon Ton account by calling customer service at 1-888-385-8916.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Bon Ton charges customer fees, including, interest charges, late payment fees and returned check fees. The fees are assessed on a monthly basis as well as on a non-recurring basis.

  • Interest charges – $1
  • Late payment – Bon Ton charges customers late payment fees based upon the past due amount. For past due balances up to $100, the fee is $19. The fee increases to $25 when the past due amount is between $101 and $300. When the past due amount is more than $300, the late payment fee is $25. In the event you make a payment late within the next six months, the late payment fee increases to $35.
  • Retuned check – In the event your payment is returned from your financial institution, Bon Ton charges you a $25 fee.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Bon Ton offers several options to customers that can’t pay your bill including:

  • Reduced rate plan – a reduced APR is applied, reducing your monthly payment.
  • Special repayment – depending on the item purchased, you receive a smaller payment.
  • Special repayment factor – you receive a reduced APR as well a reduced payment.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

What was your experience dealing with Bon Ton when you can’t pay your bill? Share your thoughts and leave us a comment below.

8 Comments on “Bon Ton Bill
  1. I have tried to pay by phone (which, according to the statement on my bill, paying through your automated phone system has no fee. However, the recording has told me each time I’ve tried to pay, that I will be charged $15!
    I have tried to pay on-line but the website you have printed on your billing doesn’t take me to the site where I can pay.
    All I want to do is pay my bill…which I have another question about…my balance on my bill is $33.38. The automation quotes my balance as $37.19.
    This is all very frustrating to me.
    All I want to do is pay my bill! I finally get back in town (after being gone a very long time) and I see i have this bill to pay. Which I’m trying to do…without fees.
    Thank you.

  2. I am so frustrated….I just want to get the total of my bill with Bonton….we are going to Florida for three months next
    Monday….I’d like to pay my bill before we leave… card
    number is: ****-****-****-****… can I find my amount to
    send in before we go? Thank you…..

  3. My first two bills came late so I had charges to account but I messed up this month and payed late I was belittled on the phone I sent payment today with my cancelation notice I could have payed it on the phone but you charge a fee NO THANkS !

  4. I made a purchase on May 2nd and as of today June 2nd have not received a bill statement for payment. I tried going online with an old password but that did not work either. also I can’t find
    my credit card please cancel it as soon as possible.
    please advice about the payment since I don’t want to incur a late fee perhaps the address in wrong?

  5. This is totally ridiculous! Trying to pay bill on-line. Asking for my credit card telephone pin number? I tried using my telephone number, telling me this is not correct. This is the third month that I have had no luck doing this on line. Now on hold with second phone number. Just told me this in another incorrect number. Got this one from the back on my Bon-Ton card.Now will try one more number, if no help or cannot get to pay site, I will now have to get dressed and go down to the nearest Bon-Ton! FRUSTRATED!

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