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Capital One Auto Finance Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Capital One Auto Finance Bill

Capital One Auto Finance is an international auto financing company servicing millions of customers in the United States, the UK and Canada. With a commitment to the customer, Capital One Auto Finance offers several options for customers who can’t pay their bill.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: Customer can pay your Capital One Auto Finance bill online by visiting . The service requires the customer enter your user identification number and password. Common forms of payment include money transfers from a checking or savings account. The online bill pay does not incur convenience fees.

Payment stations: Customers can pay your Capital One Auto Finance bill at any convenient pay station across the world.

  • Western Union – Customers provide account information and payment details. A convenience fee applies with every transaction. Western Union only accepts cash.
  • Money Gram – Customers provide account information and payment details. A convenience fee applies with every transaction. Money Gram only accepts cash.

Pay by phone: Customers can pay your Capital One Auto Finance bill by phone by calling 1-800-946-0332. The automated system will assist you in paying your Capital One Auto Finance bill. Credit cards and debit cards are not accepted, so the customer must provide checking or savings account information.

Automatic payment: Customers wanting your Capital One Auto Finance bill deducted on a monthly basis can sign up for recurring payments. The service automatically deducts funds from your checking or savings account. The customer must provide the routing number associated with your account as well as your Capital One Auto Finance account information.

Pay by mail: Customers can pay your Capital One Auto Finance bill by mailing it to:

Capital One Auto Finance
P.O. Box 60511
City of Industry, CA 91716


Capital One Auto Finance
Attn: Payment Processing
2525 Corporate Place
2nd Floor Suite #250
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Capital One Auto Finance lists all current APRs and rates on the Current Rates for Auto Loans page. If you need more information on service charges, late payment fees and other fees appearing on your bill, the best contact number is 1-800-946-0332 if you already have an auto loan and 1-800-689-1789 if you are not currently a customer.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Capital One Auto Finance assesses fees for refinancing your current auto loan, late payment and changing your payment due date. Depending on the details of your Capital One Auto Finance loan, you may be charged a security deposit.

  • Refinancing fees –typical fees range from $5 to $65.
  • Security deposit – varies depending on the conditions of the loan.
  • Late payment – fees cannot exceed $50 per occurrence.
  • Payment due date change – fees and charges vary.

I Can’t Make a Payment

When we spoke to the customer service representative at Capital One Auto Finance, they informed us that they provide options for customers who cannot pay their bill. The options available include payment arrangements and changing the due date of your payment.

  • Payment arrangements – call customer service at 1-800-946-0332 to arrange payment arrangements. Customers must call prior to the established due date.
  • Change payment date Capital One Auto Finance allows customers in financial hardships to change their due date. The payment can be moved up to 15 days past the original due date. Fees and charges may apply.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill

Was Capital One Auto Finance everything you expected in a financial institution? Did Capital One Auto Finance provide assistance when you could not pay your bill? We want to hear from customers just like you. Leave us a comment.

52 Comments on “Capital One Auto Finance Bill
  1. i have been with for about 2 1/2 yrs now.i can say theirjust like any finance co. when it comes to calling you when ur behind but their not rude and they dont harrass you over the phone when u do fall behind. wherever ur at with your loan they do act civilized and treat u like a person.

  2. I bought a new 2012 dodge 1500 on oct 10 2012.Ally bank
    p.o. box 8102 cockeysville,md 21030 financed the truck.
    was under the impression that they payed off my 2007
    on 15 oct you deducted a truck payment from my account,this
    payment put me in the overlimit,which caused me to have overdraft
    fees. I will send you a bank statement showing the overdrafts.
    please cancel all payments from my account…

    Thank you
    Roger Rowe

    PS: account # 9949253

  3. They say you will need a co-signer for six month, and then they take your name off the loan ,how you bill credit like that??/
    You don’t I already know been there done that. Bet if I stop paying on the auto they put it on my credit even tho my name is off th loan now. My dad name is already A-1 but they remove my name and it is my car, WHAT IS THAT??? GOOD business.????

  4. My first payment went to the wrong address and is now overdue. I tried to call and pay by credit card. All I got was recordings. It is a Saturday. Are there any people running this business on a weekend? Why won’t you allow credit card payment on this website? I guess I’m screwed until Monday when there might be a human to talk too.

    • They only allow payments from a checking account. No debit cards, no credit cards…this is true only when using ‘pay by phone’ It says so on their website

  5. The worst creditor is Capitol One auto finance. They cash your checks and lie and say they never received it so they can accrue more fees. Worst experience.

    • I finance my current vehicle from them and have NEVER had that kind of experience…I have paid via mailed check…via online and via phone pay.

  6. My husband and bought our truck together. I paid the down payment and have made every payment. My husband has been deceased now for 21/2 years now and I have given vertfation of his death to you all. Why am I not getting credit for paying these payments. I have been making payments almost 6 years now.

  7. Omg! I’m over due on my loan , I promised a $704.00 not. Well today I understand. ‘That I’m really in trouble I only have a credit card for purchases….do I have any options? Need help

  8. According to the information on the back of the invoice for my car payment, Capital One Auto Finance would charge me $9.95/transaction were I to process a payment through the Internet. Why? None of my other creditors require such a fee! It would seem that an automatic payment through electronic media would save us both money.

  9. I could not find the statement for September, and the only address I could find was one for Sacramento, California and that is where I sent the payment for $386.03. I wanted to let you know what happened so that I would not be charged a late fee. I just could not find the statement and still cannot find it. I am terribly sorry for this, which I know is an inconvenience.
    Robert Judd

  10. I have been with capital one for almost 2 years, I lost my job a year ago and I have been struggling to find work, my fiance works as a trucker and does not get paid much but capital one works with us so I can keep my car, I will recommend capital one to anyone I know, thank you so much capital one for caring.

  11. Wow! Capital One wants your payment but as a company that offers credit cards they don’t accept them as a form of payment unless you speak with a live person in the collections department but conveniently they’re closed by 6pm and on Saturdays!!? Really?!

  12. I had to wait 2 plus hours trying to make payment over phone and Iam still freaking waiting but you a hole always want your money but cant get served STILLWAITING

  13. I have moved and have been trying to change my address with CapitalOne Auto and have not been able to do it! To top it off I don’t have online access!!! I keep trying to login and reset my password, but for some reason it will not let me!!!

  14. i got laid off from work will return on 6/28/2015 i have to 6/23/2015 to pay 757.16 cant make it. will you help.

  15. I am behind on my auto loan payment by 3 months and am afraid I am going to get my vehicle reposed. I have no access to funds for two more weeks. This has been going on for a few months now. Can I arrange for a payment plan today without paying anything for two more weeks without facing repo? And do I get notified prior to repo?

    • They told us we could have until July 13 to pay one payment today is the 17th and we are now 3 payments behind due to a disability. I would have appreciated some type of notice that repo would happen immediately as in this morning.

  16. please give me the time to catch up 1 go back to work on monday ,i will catch up buy the end of the month

  17. Folks, Capital One will not refinance their own loans. That statement is fresh from the Capital One representatives. Why they talk about refinance is beyond my scope of understanding. They will make 2 minor modifications if you need help in paying your payment: move the due date or put one payment at the end of the contract. That is nice for one month, but it does NOT CONSTITUTE A REFINANCE OF THE LOAN. That is false advertising.

  18. My son is financed with you (Capital One) and got his car repossessed because of four missed payments (according to Capital One). He called them and they searched and located two of the four missing payments. I am wondering do they really repossess because of two missed payments? It doesn’t seem so because someone commented earlier that they had missed three payments and was afraid of having their car repossessed. Now my son has to pay the repo company. That just doesn’t seem right. Capital One should at least pay half of the money due to the repo company.

    • They did the same thing to me. Bad accounting by them causes us the agony. They must be cooking the book. Hopefully, one day someone will blow a whistle on them for doing shaddy kind of business.

  19. Son has truck financed by this company. He had a stoke a week ago & is now medically disabled. How can I find out terms & conditions of his contract. I don’t have access to this info. Thanks for any help you can render.

  20. I made arrangements last month to pay 1:2 payment and this month my regular payment plus the other part from sugust. The payment was put in the mail on sat sept 6th and Monday is Labor Day no mail, will they repo? I’m losing sleep over this . I think bayou have tried to call me by the number on my called i.d. Tried several times and get recording try next business day. I will call on tues but my payment will still be a could le days late. PLEASE call me.


  21. I would like to setup automated payments every 2 weeks at a rate of 250.00 every 2 weeks if possible. ASAP can someone contact me sent me a email reply.

  22. On 6/10/10, attempted to make my normal payment vi a the automated line. I tried about 6 different times, each time I kept getting cut off. I would give all the information requested and the the automated voice would say good bye.I couldn’t get a live person via this number, it would cut off on me.I had to do a search engine, wich took me to a total different department. I spent close to 15 minutes alone in financing on hold to get to auto accounts. I went through a total of 7 people, only to find out that they were revamping their system and the automated line was not functioning correctly.If you don’t pay your bill Capital one does not want to hear your excuses, they are coming after you; they mess up your credit and your life. Their interest rate is already one of the highest and they are glad to add on late payment. It took me close to one hour to finally pay my car note; in between this I got some of the rudest customer service agents.Like I said it finally ended with a very apologetic supervisor or I hope he was, but this was close to one hour, like 5 minutes before completion of the hour, just to pay my car note!!!.

  23. I make a lump sum of payment, thinking that I would not bother to make payment for several month.what a mistake.that mess me up.i was told I was 4 month behind on my payment. Comprise some went to principal..

  24. I don’t need my payments taken out at the end of the month as ny rent is due. I only wanted for 2 times to get it current. My next pay check is on October 7th which you can take it out then but nothing before cause then you all Are leaving me shower for ten t an d a bun c h of overdue f t fees which instead of helping me you are hurting me.pls. do not take anymore after the 7th of October until you talk to me. Hardship dept never called me. Pleas send me their phone number a s I am going.on.leave brand e.for 3 months for hip replace.ment so.could use some help thanks Maine l parra

  25. I use to be able to make a payment using the automated service, but now that’s not available, and capital one closes at 6 pm, the same time I get off of work. Why won’t they accept credit cards? Bring the automated service back. I think it’s just a way to accrue late fees.

  26. Can’t logon to see my auto loan. Every time I sign on it keeps looping back to the login page. What is the web site I am supposed to login to access my Car Loan????????????????????????

  27. Hello my name is Ebony Payton , and I have been with capital one since 2014 ,and at one time I was going through tough times and I had to move my payments. I moved it from 21st of the month to the 5th of the month . I want to be able to pay my car payment on time , but being that it is at the beginning of the month the same time as rent … I will never be able to pat it on time if I an unable to move it .

  28. I would like to thank Capital One for working with me through my ordeal an the death of my Husband made it so hard to get my heard together. I really do appreciate you being so patient and caring.

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