Having Trouble Paying Your Car Loans on Time?

With an auto finance company, it is absolutely vital to communicate with them about your car payments and bills.

Since it is not in their best interest to repossess a car that is probably worth less than you owe, auto loan companies can be very cooperative. If you can't pay your auto financing bill, most companies will work with you. No matter who you are financed through, icantpaymybill.com will provide the details and offer common strategies to help out. If there's a deal to be made, we'll find it.

Contact your finance company - With an auto finance company, it is absolutely vital to communicate with them. They aren't going to go away and if they cannot reach you, they will come after your car. What you may not know is that if they repossess your car, they are under no obligation to give it back, even if you catch up the payments. It's better to avoid that whole mess than wind up losing your car and your credit.

Can you refinance or restructure? - Don't be afraid to call customer service. Most auto loan companies will have a number of options. If you are already behind, a common offer is to push two or three payments to the end of the loan. This is a great temporary solution, as long as you understand the rules and consequences. Some companies expect a balloon payment at the end of the loan that includes any deferred payments and outstanding late charges. Before you defer a payment, find out if the company will restructure the loan at the end to avoid a balloon payment. You can also look into loan refinancing. If your credit is still fairly good and your car is still fairly new, you could wind up with lower payments and lower interest, a win-win situation all around. If your interest goes up but your payment goes way down, try to pay a little extra on the principal each month to offset the additional interest payment. In the long run, a little extra can save a lot.

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