What to Do When You Cant Pay the Cable Bill

If you can't pay your cable bill, your options are a little limited. Cable television seems so important, but it really should take a back seat to more important issues. That being said, there are a number of things you can do to economize in advance of a budget crisis. If your income goes down, reducing the cable bill is a great way to start. Icantpaymybill.com will do the homework for you. If there's a way to negotiate with your company, we'll find it.

Expect about a month or so before cut off - Cable companies have little motivation to work with you. Since you pay your bill in advance and they provide only a service, they can happily cut you off without losing anything. Generally speaking, they will give you a month of leeway before cutting off your service, but no more.

Can you downgrade your package? - If you have experienced a loss of income or your bills have gone up and you need a budget adjustment, your cable bill is a great place to cut back. Examine it closely for charges and add-ons you can do without. Many cable companies add fees and charges that seem small on their own, but add up to quite a lot. Remove charges like equipment insurance and interior wire maintenance. Choose a basic package, disconnect unnecessary receivers, and reject pricey movie channels. Once you have made the changes, doublecheck that they were implemented online or with a followup phone call.

Can you find an alternative? - If you can't pay your cable bill and you have to make some hard budget choices, consider an alternative solution. Cancel the cable in a peremptory strike and explore free online choices. There are several websites that stream television shows, movies, news, and live sports events. Full episodes of most major network shows and many minor network shows are available one to eight days after they originally air. Watch your favorite shows anytime at hulu.com, Joost.com, Fancast.com, CBS.com, NBC.com, ABC.com, ESPN.com, mylifetime.com, and several other locations. Be careful to avoid sites that charge fees or ask you to download a viewer. Stick with reputable sites to avoid downloads that may be loaded with malware. There are also some paid sites, like netflix.com and blockbuster.com that offer movies and shows for a nominal fee.

In this economy, everybody has to make hard, realistic choices. Keeping internet service while sacrificing cable is a sensible decision that can significantly reduce your monthly bills. You can even buy an inexpensive cable or a wireless device to connect your laptop or PC to your television for easier viewing, or stream online content through a gaming system. The best way to pay your bills on time and still keep peace in the family is to use your money efficiently. If you've got a story or suggestion to share with other icantpaymybill.com users, let's hear it. We'd love to know what you think.

Select a cable company below for more information on your specific bill.

Antietam Cable Bill

Armstrong Cable Bill - Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York and Maryland.

Bend Cable Bill - Bend, OR and surrounding area.

Bresnan Bill

Brighthouse Bill

Broadstripe Bill - Washington, Michigan, Oregon and Maryland cable company.

Cable One Bill

Cablevision Bill

Century Link Bill

Charter Communications Bill

Click Network Bill

CMA Communications Bill

Comcast Bill

Cox Communications Bill

DirectTV Bill

Dish Network Bill

Entouch Bill

Fairpoint Bill

Frontier Bill

GCI Bill - Alaska telecommunications company.

Grande Communications Bill

Haefele TV Bill - New York cable service.

Hargray Bill

Hughes Network Bill

Independence Power and Light Bill - Independence, IA.

Inside Connect Cable Bill

Insight Communications Bill

Jet Broadband Bill

Knology Bill

MediaCom Bill

Metrocast Bill - Cable service in New Hampshire, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Maine.

Midco Bill

New Wave Communications Bill - Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina.

NPG Cable Bill

NTS Communications Bill

NuLink Bill

Oceanic Cable Bill - Hawaii cable company.

OneSource Communications Bill

OptiLink Bill

Optimum Bill

RCN Bill

Service Electric Bill

StarStream Bill

Suddenlink Bill

SureWest Bill

TDS Bill

Time Warner Cable Bill

Verizon FIOS Bill

Wow Communications Bill - Michigan, Illinois, Cleveland, Columbus and Evansville, OH.