Problems Paying Your Car Insurance Bills?

If you find that you can't pay your car insurance bill, you could soon be faced with some serious issues.

The laws have tightened up in most states, and people without insurance can no longer skate by unnoticed for months on end. Electronic reporting makes slipping through the cracks impossible. As soon as your insurance lapses, you'll get a letter from the DMV, and soon after that, the tag owner's license will be suspended, along with the car tag. Getting your license and tag reinstated is easy, but expensive. We here at will help you figure out how to handle it if you can't pay your auto insurance bill and provide specific information about every company we can round up.

Can you adjust your coverage? -The best way to approach auto insurance is to face reality before you reach a budget crisis. Many of us are over-insured. It feels great to have heavy insurance when you can afford it, but don't let it drive you to the poor house. Adjust your coverage to the state minimum...and continue to drive carefully.

Try to work with your insurer - Most insurance companies will work with you to a certain extent. They usually collect two months in advance, so your bill due date is not the same as your insurance cutoff date. If you only need to stall, you should be able to get at least 30 days past your due date. You may also want to negotiate splitting your payment in a different way or changing your due date to reflect when the bulk of your money arrives.

If you have already been in this situation, where you can't afford to pay an auto insurance bill, tell us what you did and how it turned out. We'd love to hear about real-life situations that worked...or didn't.

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