Having Problems Paying Your Gas Station Credit Card Bill?

Gas cards, like other credit cards, can have a devastating effect on your credit rating if let unpaid.

Ignoring those bills in favor of more pressing obligations like food and rent may seem like a no-brainer, but you'll be better off in the long run if you work out some method of payment. We here at icantpaymybill.com will help you explore your options for individual companies. Here are some general tips.

Call the gas company - The first step is to gather information and call the company. Do this as soon as you see that you will be in trouble at some point. In most cases, this means as soon as your financial picture changes due to a job loss or hour reduction, a critical major expense, or an injury or illness that prevents you from work. The company may offer a lower payment plan until you get back on your feet, or have other alternatives in place to ease your burden.

Interest & fee reduction - Ask for an interest and fee reduction. Cite the rates they list to attract new customers (if applicable) and press for at least a temporary interest rate reduction. If they are unwilling to make a deal and you have a cash reserve, explore a settlement option. Credit companies will not usually offer a settlement option until years of non-payment have gone by, but in this economic climate they may be more willing to take an offer of hard cash over nothing.

Cosnider transferring the balance - Since gas cards typically have high interest rates, another thing to consider is consolidation. If you have one credit card with a low interest rate, transfer the balance of higher-interest cards to that card. This will cost less all around, because even though there is a higher balance, more of each payment goes to principal. Your overall goal should be to assess the money you have coming in and divide it among all of your bills to make some kind of payment on each of them in order to maintain your credit rating.

Dont dodge their calls - This economy is hard on everyone. The high unemployment rate makes jobs scarce and money tight. Every credit agency out there knows that this is today's reality. Impress creditors by approaching them with honesty and a workable plan that will end with them getting their money and you keeping your credit rating. It's what they want to hear. Don't dodge their calls. It may be terribly stressful, but in the long run, communication is your most effective strategy.

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