What to Do About Paying Grocery Store Bills

How to maintain grocery store credit

Maintaining your grocery store credit is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is feeding your family.

Some grocery and convenience stores offer store credit or their own credit cards. If you have one and you're in financial trouble and can't pay your grocery bill, icantpaymybill.com is here to offer information, advice, tips and strategies to help you through.

In a down economy, consumers are not the only ones who suffer. Creditors faced with mounting collections issues expend more man-hours to collect less money, a situation that can easily break any business. Unfortunately, even if the company goes under, you are not off the hook for the balance on your account, so don't count on getting lucky. The good news is that decreasing revenues make creditors easier to deal with. With unemployment rates at an all-time high, most companies that extend credit already have strategies in place to offer some kind of compromise. They are expecting your call.

There are some built-in advantages to store credit cards that make them attractive during times of financial crisis. Some come with store merchandise discounts, low interest rates, and even gas discounts where the store is associated with a gas station. Lay out all your credit card agreements and figure out which has the lowest interest rate. In some cases, it will be your grocery credit card. If you can transfer the balances of higher interest rates to a low interest rate grocery card, do it. If it's more advantageous to transfer your grocery bill to a low interest credit card, then do that instead. Consolidating your bills to a low-interest card is a smart move.

If transferring credit card balances is not an option, call the company, explain your situation, and ask what they are willing to offer. They may be willing to defer a payment or two, lower the interest rate, or offer reduced payments for a limited time. Let them know that you will remain a customer even though your financial situation has changed, and outline a plan that will allow you to continue to make payments. If you have some cash on hand and the bill is affordable, your best bet may be to pay it outright to avoid further interest payments. The important thing is to maintain your credit rating if at all possible and continue to maintain contact with your creditors.

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