Having Trouble Paying Your Medical Bills?

Most medical companies are very helpful and will take minimal payments, but it's important to communicate with them

When money gets short and the bills start to pile up, medical bills often fall by the wayside, trumped by things that seem more important, like food and shelter. Most medical facilities are very amenable and will take minimal payments, but it's important to communicate with them when your financial situation changes and you think you might not be able to make payments on time. If you find yourself in a situation where you're overwhelmed by bills, we at icantpaymybill.com are here to help you figure out how to handle it. We'll compile all the information, advice, and personal experiences we can find.

Medical bills are just like any billing collector and will come after you aggressively if you don't pay. Doctors will often take the added step of discharging you as a patient. The only good news in that scenario is that even if you have a history of non-payment, many hospitals are legally obligated to treat you. Before it comes to visiting the emergency room for every illness, try to address your current bills and save your credit at the same time.

Try to work out a payment plan - Remember, most doctors and medical facilities will work with you. For the health of your credit, work out a payment plan you can afford, even if it's just a small amount at a time...before the account is turned over to a collection agency. The last thing you need when bills are tight is added stress. Check the icantpaymybill.com resource section for specific information, and please post your own experiences in detail for the benefit of others.


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