Having Problems Paying Your Phone Bill?

Some of the land line phone companies, like AT&T or Sprint, can be easy to work with, especially if you have a long history.

Are you overwhelmed by seemingly endless bills? You are not alone. In this economy, millions of people have been downsized and are unemployed or under-employed.

They generally will give you some leeway, and they will also allow you to pay part of your bill to keep the service on. Call customer service, explain your situation and see what you can work out. If your internet bill is tied to your phone bill, be sure to address that. For some of us, the prospect of losing internet service is horrifying.

While you are working on your budget, take a close look at your phone bill. You may find charges for services you can do without. Look for:

  • Long distance calling flat rate fees – if your budget is tight, stop making long distance calls. You may be better off making a few calls a month than paying a flat rate fee. You may even consider cutting off long distance service.
  • Maintenance and insurance charges – you may save up to $10 a month by canceling fees for services you can do without.
  • Extended local calling – some phone companies charge extra to call the greater metropolitan area. If you don't regularly make calls to the other side of town, you may not need this service.
  • Information calls - calling 411 can really add up. Use an alternative, such as looking up online or using the phone book.
  • Additional phone lines – if you have additional lines for teenagers or a home office, decide which line is most important and get rid of the rest.
  • Verify that you are on the best possible calling plan – plans change over time, and a customer representative will be able to take a look at your calling history and see if another plan will best meet your needs. Listen carefully before making a decision. One tried and true phone company sales technique is to sell a lower package, but add on extra services. Say yes to the lower priced plan and no to extras you don't need.

If you have a land line plus a cell phone, and/or a computer, you might want to consider disconnecting your land line. An unlimited-use cell phone is usually cheaper and more convenient than a land line, and a laptop may be the cheapest option. Web-based calling services like Skype allow you to call all over the world using video chat or voice for free.

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