Having Trouble Paying Your Monthly Student Loans?

If you cant pay back your college loans, most companies will work with you.

The cost of college tuition doubled in the last decade, and coupled with the shrinking grant funds and scholarship endowments has left millions of recent graduates in debt and in trouble. If you can't pay your student loan, most loan companies will work with you. Icantpaymybill.com will explore the options for different lenders and share the details.

Federal loan options - There are two types of student loans, federal loans and private loans, and your options may be different for each. Federal loans are capped with fixed interest rates that range from 3.4% to 7.9%, but there is no set limit on private loan interest, or on how many loans you can take out.

Restructuring private loans - Private loans are a riskier option. One thing to remember is that you cannot currently include student loan debt if you declare bankruptcy, and it will never go away. Depending on the type of loan you have, you may be able to restructure your loan to accommodate a lower income rate or postpone payments while you are unemployed. If you can't pay your student loan bill on time, call the lender right away. Be prepared to explain how your circumstances have changed, and to provide financial details like your income tax returns, bank and income statements. The lender will be highly motivated to work with you.

If you are worried about paying your student loans and have questions about different lenders, check the icantpaymybill.com archives for specifics about your lender. We'll compile all the information we can about how you can work out student loan debt payments. Please share any information you have that might help other readers in similar circumstances.

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