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Charter Communications Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Charter Communications Bill

Charter Communications is a cable company that offers Internet, television, phone and bundled packages for customers in covered service areas. Many of the bundled services are offered at reduced prices for the first 6 to 12 months with regular prices resuming after the end of the promotional period.

How to Pay the Bill

Many of the payment options offered by Charter Communications requires the customer sign-up for an online account.

  • Pay online: Charter Communications customers must sign-up for an online account if you want to
  • Pay automatically: Automatic payments will be deducted from your bank account, credit card or debit card on the day the payment is due. You must sign-up for the service via your online account.
  • Pay by phone (automated): Phone payments can be made by calling 1-888-438-2427. This is an automated service with no service fee.
  • Pay by phone (customer service): Customer service can also help customers make a payment for a service charge of $1.99. Customers simply call 1-888-438-2427 and follow the prompts to request customer service from an agent.
  • Pay by Western Union: Western Union Convenience Pay will accept payments for Charter Communications bills. The customer must have the 16-digit account number to make payment. A fee is charged by Western Union for this service.
  • Pay by mail: Charter Communications bills can be paid by mail, but the mailing address depends on your current location. Visit and scroll to the Charter Mailing Address section to find your current payment address.
  • Pay in person: Local Charter Communications sales offices are available during normal business hours to take bill payments.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Many customers have questions about fees and other billing charges on their Charter Communications bill. You can read through the Taxes and Fees section of the FAQs page for detailed information on returned check fees and phone late payment fees. Customer service is available to answer any additional questions at 1-888-438-2427.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Charter Communications may require a security deposit when service is set-up. A late payment charge is applied to any bill that is paid after the due date, but the late payment amount depends on your current area and may be determined by the services you currently have with Charter Communications.

  • Insufficient funds fee: If your payment is returned for insufficient funds, Charter Communications will charge your account $25. This fee is in addition to any fees charged by your bank.
  • Phone late payment fee: Charter customers pay a 1.5% fee if phone payments are late. North Carolina residents pay a 1% fee. The fee is listed as a Phone Processing Fee on the monthly bill.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Charter Communications customer service would not reveal any payment arrangement options and none were listed online. We assume Charter Communications offers help for customers who cannot pay their bill, but information is only available to customers with a current Charter Communications account.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We’d love to hear your stories. Did Charter Communications work with you to resolve an overdue bill?

17 Comments on “Charter Communications Bill
  1. The bill is not overdue YET, and do not want it to be overdue. I did not receive a bill for this month. Charter claims it was mailed out Jan. 7, 2013———today is Jan. 22, 2013, and so far a duplicate has not been mailed to me.

  2. If you want an extension you have to call them. The # is 1-888-438-2427. You will need to enter your phone # associated with your account and the your account # when prompted. Just say payment arrangement when asked what you are calling about. They don’t extend very far out but it suffices. I have done this on a number of occasions and have never had my service suspended. Hope this helps.

  3. I know charter keeps calling and. Bugging me I’m over due 276.00 and they want 138 by the 13th but Iam not going to have it I had to pay my rent ,gas,cell,electric and plow person and now Iam totallaly broke again I don’t even have any money left to live on

  4. I have Never gotten any assistance from charter to help with even two day extension. They turned me off. More than once. I cannot believe how rude customer service is too. I just need a couple days people???

  5. Charter is the worst company I’ve ever worked with in terms of working with their customers who need extra time to pay. They really suck! Many times I’ve only needed a few extra days but they won’t give it to me. They are the least customer service oriented and friendly company I’ve ever known. If I had another option I would definitely take it.

  6. We have been a charter customer for a long time we got alite behind in our bill past few months service has been iterupted twice we live on a fixed income my mom recently lost her job, just been not great we only need a couple days til the first of Nov, honestly if their was another cable provider in our area i would switch from charter.

  7. I am over due on my bill. I have to pay $255, but I am unable to do so. I love paycheck to paycheck and I have fallen on hard times and am not able to pay. I’m going to have to cancel and find some place cheaper to go through. I’ve only been a month behind and I go to pay my bill and it tells me I have to pay $148 before they can hook it back up. That’s just down right stupid. I barely have enough money to buy food for me and my child let alone the internet bill.

  8. My bill is due on the 3rd of March and I was wondering if I could pay my bill on the 11th instead Thank you Amy Wakefield

  9. They want make no arrangements at all they don’t care and very rude at times. Only time I’m treated fairly is if I go into an actual location. They are to expensive ive gave two boxes back an my bill still high as hell

  10. after 8 years …im cut off they couldnt wait a few more days. 250.00 .. customer for 8 yrs ….and this is what they do…great customer appreciation ..

  11. I just called charter myself, my payment if due on June 26, and I do not get paid until the 27, they would not even let me go 1 day even though I had the majority of the money!!

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