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What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your CheckFree Bill

CheckFree is a payment processor for utility companies across the United States. Customers can register for an account on CheckFree or use the emergency payment option to make payments to more than 100 billers in the United States. When you register for CheckFree bill pay, you can have all utility bills accepting CheckFree payments imported into your account.

How to Pay the Bill

CheckFree offers credit card, debit card and checking account payments. Not all billers accept all forms of payments. Checking account payments are offered free, but there may be a service charge associated with credit card and debit card payments.

Pay online: You can pay your CheckFree bill online at You must register for an account.

Pay online (emergency): CheckFree helps consumers make emergency payments to more than 100 billers. Biller contact information is listed on the CheckFree website. Customers are encouraged to visit the official website for the biller to make direct payment or to contact the customer service department to make a phone payment. All biller phone numbers are listed.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The CheckFree service is free in some cases, but fees may be charged for same day payments and credit card payments. The CheckFree FAQs section offers information on these fees and other common consumer questions. If you still have questions, you can contact CheckFree customer service at 1-888-243-2509.

How the Penalty Fees Work

CheckFree charges a service fee for credit card and debit card payments. This service fee will vary from one biller to the next. If you follow the terms of service and schedule a bill payment before the due date and CheckFree does not send payment on-time, they will cover the late charges on the account up to $50.

CheckFree processes payments immediately. If your payment is processed and other payments come in after the CheckFree payment is processed and money is not available to cover those charges, your bank and the biller associated with the returned payments may charge a returned payment fee.

I Can’t Make a Payment

CheckFree is not associated with billers directly. The company cannot offer payment assistance. If you are unable to make a payment, you must contact the company customer service directly for payment assistance. The LIHEAP program is available for customers having financial difficulty making energy and utility payments. The program is federally funded and requires applicants meet income guidelines to qualify for assistance.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

CheckFree will not work with you to make a payment if you are financially unable to make payment on-time. The company processes payments for billers and thus is a third-party company not directly associated with late bill payments. CheckFree does offer contact information for billing departments at more than 100 companies.

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